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Ewald Harndt (born January 22, 1901 in Berlin ; † October 11, 1996 in Bad Pyrmont ) was a German dentist and former rector of the Free University of Berlin .


Harndt studied medicine and dentistry in Berlin from 1920 to 1926. He passed his state examination in dentistry in 1924 with "very good" and received his doctorate a year later with the same grade as Dr. med. dent. In the following two years he continued the series of brilliantly passed exams through a medical state examination (1926) and the doctorate to become Dr. med. (1927) continued. He then worked at the Dental Institute of the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität in Berlin as an assistant to Wilhelm Dieck . There he was appointed senior physician in 1935 under Dieck's successor Eugen Wannenmacher and received his habilitation in the medical faculty the following year. In 1938 he became a lecturer in dentistry and in 1944 an adjunct professor, and in 1948 a regular associate professor and acting director. In July 1949 he took over the chairmanship of the Berlin Dental Society, which had been founded by his predecessor Georg Axhausen , whose senior physician Hans Joachim Schmidt and Walter Drum had been founded. In May 1950 he was appointed professor and director of the clinic - now renamed - appointed Humboldt University, but left it a little later for political reasons and moved to the in West Berlin location, Free University of Berlin (FU Berlin). There he received a professorship for dentistry, oral and maxillofacial medicine in October 1956 and at the same time took over the management of the polyclinic for dental, oral and maxillary diseases. In 1961 he was dean of the medical faculty.

As chairman of the Institute for Caries Research, founded on April 1, 1964 . V. reminded Harndt that an old Berlin tradition was being continued with this institution: In 1936, under the chairmanship of Hermann Schröder, the Working Group for Caries Research and Combating Caries was founded in Berlin , from which the Institute for Caries Research emerged , which was briefly run by Schröder and was headed by Hermann Euler after Schröder's death (1942) .

From 1967 to 1969 - at the height of the student movement - Harndt was rector of the Free University of Berlin.

Harndt was an honorary member of numerous dental societies and received many international awards, including the Elmer S. Best Award from the Pierre Fauchard Academy .

Harndt became known beyond the boundaries of his discipline through his publication, French in Berlin jargon, first published in 1977, on the influence of the Huguenots who immigrated since the 17th century on the colloquial language of his hometown.

Ewald Harndt Medal

In memory of Harndt, the Berlin Chamber of Dentists has been awarding the Ewald Harndt Medal since 2001 .


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