Extreme noise terror

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Extreme noise terror
General information
Genre (s) Crustcore , grindcore
founding 1985
Founding members
Dean Jones
Phil Vane († 2011)
Pete Hurley
Jerry Clay
Darren "Pig Killer" Olley
Current occupation
Dean Jones
Roman Matuszewski
Paul Woodfield
Ollie Jones
Stafford Glover
Barney Monger
former members
Mick Harris
Mark Gardener
Mark Bailey
Tony Dickens
Barney Greenway

Extreme Noise Terror (often abbreviated as ENT ) is an English grind and crustcore band. They are among the longest active and most influential groups in the genre. The group's texts mostly have political and socially critical content.

Band history

Around the turn of the year 1984/1985, singer Dean Jones from Raw Noise and drummer Darren "Pig Killer" Olley from Sustained founded the group Extreme Noise Terror together with singer Phil Vane and guitarist Pete Hurley from Victims of War . All members have played in various music groups for several years and belonged to the punk scene in Ipswich . They took the band name from the insert of a record of the Dutch punk band Lärm , on which a young female hardcore fan was depicted with a bandana , and around the picture was Extreme Noise Terrorism . Shortly afterwards, the first line-up was complete with bassist Jerry Clay . The first live performance in October 1985 as the opening act of Chaos UK brought a record deal for an ENT Split - LP one. This appeared under the title Earslaughter in the autumn of 1986. A little later drummer Olley left the band because he wanted to concentrate on his second band Perfect Daze , and was replaced by Mick Harris . After recording the first peel session for the BBC on November 10, 1987, bassist Clay left the group and was replaced by Mark Gardener. The EP with the pieces from the Peel Session was released in December 1987 and reached number 14 on the UK Indie Charts in 1988 . The second peel session followed in May 1988. Shortly thereafter, Mick Harris left ENT, replacing Doom drummer Tony Dickens. With this line-up, the debut album A Holocaust was recorded in Your Head . The album was released in early 1989 and rose to number 7 on the UK indie charts . Bassist Gardener left ENT and was replaced by Mark Bailey on the recommendation of Lee Dorrian . This was followed by a tour through Europe and the first Japan tour in April 1990. In 1991, the second tour through Japan and the Phonophobia EP for the Japanese label Discipline Records followed .

At the end of 1991, ENT was contacted by telephone by Bill Drummond for a collaboration with The KLF . Together with the group you should do a rocking version of the KLF hit 3a.m. Record Eternal . After a first appearance of the two groups on Top of the Pops did not materialize, they appeared together on February 12, 1992 at the presentation of the BRIT Awards , in which The KLF was recognized as the best British music group. Another planned collaboration failed due to the dissolution of The KLF a few months later. The British independent label Earache Records signed ENT and in 1992 released a compilation with newly recorded titles from the debut album under the title Retro-bution . In addition to the new lead guitarist Ali Firouzbakht and the new bassist Lee Barrett, the cast also included founding drummer Pig Killer. This was followed by two extensive European tours and in 1994 the first tour of the United States . After this tour Pig Killer left ENT again, with Was Sarginson from Cradle of Filth coming for him . A curiosity was the swap of the singers with Napalm Death : While Barney Greenway switched from Napalm Death to ENT, ENT singer Phil Vane took his position with Napalm Death. With this new line-up, ENT recorded the album Damage 381 . The title of the album alludes to the beat of the title song, which was measured by a metronome at 381 bpm . Barney Greenway left ENT after the album, as the collaboration was limited to this one album from the start. After numerous other line-up changes and the loss of the Earache contract , the album Being and Nothing was released in 2001 by Barrett's record company Candlelight Records . Adam Catchpole was involved in the recordings as the second singer.

After founding member and singer Phil Vane returned in 2006, ENT recorded the pieces for a split EP with Driller Killer with a total of three singers . It was released in 2007 by the French label Osmose Productions , which specializes in black metal , because it was the only record label willing to offer ENT a contract. In 2008 the album Law of Retaliation was also released by Osmose . This phase was seen by the group as a new beginning, with which they wanted to return to their roots in hardcore punk . Singer Phil Vane also announced that work on the next album should start in 2009. Vane passed away on February 17, 2011 at the age of 46.

Style and meaning

In addition to the high speed of the individual songs, the alternating vocals of the two singers Phil Vane and Dean Jones shaped the music of ENT. This style was later adopted by other genre bands, including the crustcore band Disrupt . In addition to Napalm Death , ENT was one of the pioneers of Grindcore , although the band never felt that they belonged to the Grindcore genre, but described themselves as a pure hardcore band. Singer Phil Vane always saw the band's music in the tradition of punk, ENT is not an extreme metal band.


Singles and EPs
  • The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit Records, 1987)
  • Are You that Desperate (Crust, 1989)
  • Phonophobia (Discipline Records, 1992)
  • Hatred and the Filth (Distortion, 2004)
  • Earslaughter (with Chaos UK , Manic Ears Records , 1986)
  • In It for Life (with Filthkick, Sink Below, 1989)
  • The Split Noize Live EP (with Patareni, Debilana Sound, 1990)
  • 3am Eternal (with The KLF, KLF Communications, 1992)
  • Extreme Noise Terror / Driller Killer (Osmose Productions, 2007)
  • Extreme Noise Terror / Trap Them ( Deathwish , 2008)
  • Extreme Noise Terror / Cock ESP (Little Mafia Records, 2009)
  • Hardcore Attack of the Low Life Dogs (with slang, Farewell Records, 2010)
  • From One Extreme to Another (DVD, 2003)


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