Exuma (musician)

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Exuma , real name McFarlane Anthony McKay (born February 18, 1942 on Cat Island , Bahamas , † January 25, 1997 in Nassau , Bahamas) was a musician from the Bahamas.

Exuma grew up in Nassau, Bahamas, but left the Bahamas in the early 1960s and went to New York to study architecture . After running out of money, Exuma began performing in the New York area protesting the war in Vietnam . After this time, Exuma appeared in the folk scene in Greenwich Village using rhythm structures from the Bahamas. There he got to know Bob Dylan , Richie Havens , Peter, Paul and Mary , Jimi Hendrix and Barbra Streisand , with whom he had joint appearances.

Exuma signed its first recording deal with Mercury Records . There he produced two albums: Exuma, the Obeah Man and Exuma II .

He later signed a contract with the record label Buddah / Kama Sutra Records and created another four albums there: Reincarnation, Snake, Life, Do Wah Nanny . In order to become independent from record companies, Exuma founded his own label ( Nassau Record ), on which he released Rude Boy and Going to Cat Island . In the early 1970s, its title was You Do not Know What's Going On as the soundtrack of the film Joe - revenge for America ( Joe , 1970) with the main actors Peter Boyle and Susan Sarandon used.

Over the years Exuma has performed and toured with Patti LaBelle , Curtis Mayfield , Rita Marley , Peter Tosh , Toots & the Maytals , Sly & the Family Stone , Steppenwolf , Black Flag and the Neville Brothers .

Exuma's close connection to the music of the Bahamas and the Caribbean was also recognized by the British Queen Elizabeth II in 1978 when she was awarded the British Empire Medal .