FC Bavois

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FC Bavois
Logo FC bavois.png
Basic data
Surname Football Club Bavois
Seat Bavois
founding March 1, 1941
Colours Red White
Website fcbavois.ch
First soccer team
Venue Terrain of the Peupliers
Places 1000
league Promotion League
2018/19 8th place

The FC Bavois (long Football Club Bavois ) is a football club in the Swiss municipality of Bavois in the canton of Vaud .


The association was founded on March 1, 1941 by young people. The club plays on the terrain of the Peupliers, which was rebuilt in 2003. The club played most of the time in the 3rd division . The club colors are red and white. The club was added to the register of the Swiss Football League on July 1, 1941. The greatest success of the club was the promotion to the third highest league ( Promotion League ). To be promoted to the Promotion League, you have to win a promotion round. FC Bavois met FC Münsingen ; the first leg they lost 0-1, the second leg they won 3-0. In the final round they won against FC Baden and were now officially promoted. In the end, because of the forced relegation of FC Biel, FC Baden still had a chance to move up to the Promotion League.

Location of the stadium

The stadium is located on meadows or is surrounded by meadows.

Web links

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