Field exercise

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Field exercises are part of the practical training of those technicians and engineers whose professional tasks include outdoor measurements and the collection of related data. These are in particular civil engineers and geodesists , geographers and cartographers as well as forest and cultural technicians . A field exercise is a special form of exercise .

Also for the training of related professions ( Applied Geophysics , hydro and Geology ) held field exercises, but on a larger scale laboratory exercises and professional excursions .

For example, in the training of geodesists and surveyors, the following topics are part of the field exercises lasting several weeks:

  1. Surveys for Topography and terrain receptive
  2. Creation of hand sketches and construction plans
  3. Basics of geology and geotechnical measurements
  4. Construction - and cadastral surveying, subdivision
  5. Aerial photo interpretation and photogrammetry
  6. simple tasks on land surveying and astrogeodesy
  7. Global Positioning System and data acquisition for geographic information systems .

In the field exercises for civil engineers, topics 1–2 are shortened, 3 in more detail. In addition, exercises on the recording of facades , design and architecture , floor mechanics and statics are carried out.

For geologists and hydrologists, practical training focuses on the determination of rocks and their parameters, in hydrogeology , petrography and geotechnics, in the measurement of groundwater and immissions , as well as in geomorphology and geodynamics .