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Configuration window of the video decoder
Basic data

developer Milan Cutka, Peter Ross (ffdshow)
clsid, XhmikosR u. a. (ffdshow tryouts)
Current  version 1.3.4531
(June 28, 2014)
operating system Windows XP and newer
programming language Assembler , C , C ++
category Audio / video codec
License GPL
German speaking Yes

ffdshow is a free DirectShow decoder and encoder for Windows for playing back various video and audio formats. In addition, it offers a variety of post-processing options.


With the help of the libavcodec , part of the FFmpeg project, as well as a number of other also open source decoders ( Xvid , libmpeg2, mp3lib etc.) the program decodes all important video and audio formats , including MPEG-2 , MPEG-4 ( DivX , XviD etc.) .) and AVC / H.264 . There is no need to install separate codecs to play these multimedia formats . Ffdshow is the "fastest" decoder available for the formats mentioned (except H.264). ffdshow also offers multi-thread support in order to utilize the full power of multi-core processor systems. Furthermore, ffdshow masters many methods to influence the output of the video or audio data. For example, the software can process existing subtitles or set various filters to improve the visual and / or sound quality of the film. In addition, ffdshow can also be used as a video encoder for various formats (e.g. Xvid, DivX 3, x264). The video filters contained in ffdshow can be used in the popular video editors VirtualDub and AviSynth thanks to the included plugins . It is also possible to use DScaler filters in ffdshow.

In addition to the installation of ffdshow, a DirectShow-based multimedia player (such as Zoom Player, Windows Media Player , Media Player Classic or Winamp ) is required.

As a special feature, it should be noted that the original ffdshow project page on SourceForge is out of date and current "builds" of ffdshow can only be found on other pages. Since the original author, Milan Cutka, has apparently stopped the development of ffdshow, other projects have emerged that actively continue the development. Especially ffdshow tryouts should be mentioned here.

Supported video and audio formats

List of the most popular video formats that ffdshow can decode and encode:

List of the most popular audio formats that ffdshow can decode:

List of video filters that ffdshow provides:

  • trimming
  • Deinterlacing (KernelDeinterlacer, TomsMoComp, ffmpeg Deinterlacer and much more)
  • Size and aspect ratio
  • Perspective correction
  • Logo removal
  • Post processing (de-blocking filter)
  • Image correction (color / gamma correction)
  • Limit correction
  • Chroma / Luminance Shift
  • Blur / noise reduction
  • Sharpen
  • Warp Sharp
  • DScaler - for importing DScaler filters
  • AviSynth - for importing AviSynth filters
  • Noise
  • DeBand filter
  • Record (to record screenshots and image sequences)

Web links

Commons : ffdshow  - collection of images, videos and audio files

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