Formula I (band)

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Formula I.
General information
Genre (s) Heavy metal , speed metal
founding 1981
Founding members
Norbert Schmidt
Peter Paule Fincke
Wolfgang Wolle Densky
Detlef Dudziak
former members
Michael Sündermann (from 1987)
Reinhold Chris Hess (1983–1987)
Bodo Kommnick (1982-1983)
Andrej Horvath (1982, † November 10, 1999)

Formula I was one of the most famous heavy metal bands in the GDR . It was founded on January 1st, 1981 in East Berlin and emerged from the band Joco Dev . The predominantly German texts with the Berlin dialect were unusual for the time . The band's music was based on Judas Priest , Saxon and Black Sabbath . In the later years the band was characterized by an elaborate stage decoration, which had the shape of a stalactite cave and from 1987 that of a castle courtyard . With the release of their first LP , Formel I created another novelty in East German rock history. The LP released in 1986 was the GDR's first heavy metal album. Until then, it was also unique in the GDR that the LP was recorded in a steel mill .


Norbert Schmidt, Paule Fincke and Wolle Densky founded the amateur band Formula I on the day the rock band Joco Dev officially dissolved. The former Joco Dev musicians were strengthened by bassist Detlef Dudziak. During 1981, the Slovak Andrej Horvath joined the band as a second guitarist. Horvath had previously played with the band Collegium Musicum from the ČSSR , which is also known abroad . A year later Horvath switched to the Modern Soul Band . Bodo Kommnick came for him, who went to the lift a year later and was replaced by Reinhold Chris Hess.

In 1983, Formel I switched to the professional camp . In the first few years of the band's existence, sixteen titles were recorded on radio in the GDR . Willste nicht ufstehn immediately reached number five on August 12, 1982 on the rating show Beatkiste on the voice of the GDR station and stayed in the charts until the end of September . Also the following recordings Eddi , She wants to go , Something remains of me and Der Fußballfan achieved top spots in the rating programs and ensured the band a constant media presence. The band describes their success story in Way Up . In 1985 the band was able to record a single on the GDR label Amiga and a year later their LP in the Hennigsdorf steelworks .

After a short creative break, the band presented not only a new stage show, but also a new style. The music had become more powerful and faster, as the titles Kreuzritter and Hart wie Stahl prove. At the beginning of 1987 the guitarist Michael Sündermann joined the band and replaced Hess. But shortly afterwards the band broke up after several band members had submitted an application to leave the country . Thereupon Sinner Man and Dudziak moved to Pharaoh and Densky went to Babylon .

In 1999 the band got together for a reunion tour . Since the expected success did not materialize, there has been no live performance since 2000. However, the band never broke up. Paule Fincke and Wolle Densky also played together in the CCR co-association The Travelin 'Band. On March 3rd, 2008 the LP Edelrocker was released by Immortal Vinyl Records . This record set includes almost the entire musical oeuvre of Formula I on five long-playing records.



  • 1985: being 18 years old (Amiga)


  • 1986: Live in the steelworks (Amiga)
  • 2008: Edelrocker (Immortal Vinyl Records)

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  • Götz Hintze: Rock Lexicon of the GDR . Schwarzkopf and Schwarzkopf, Berlin 1999, ISBN 3-89602-303-9 .

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