François Raulin

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François Raulin (born March 17, 1956 in Annecy ) is a French jazz pianist.

François Raulin first studied mathematics before turning to music as an autodidact . In 1981 he became a member of the Association à la Recherche d'un Folklore Imaginaire , where he met Louis Sclavis , whose band he belonged to from 1985. Since then he has worked with Sclavis several times in various formations. He played with Jean-Paul Autin in the group "Amalys". In 1997 his first album was released under his own name, which he realized together with Stéphan Oliva and which deals with compositions by Lennie Tristano . Raulin also worked in a septet formation with Laurent Dehors , Bruno Chevillon , Marc Ducret , Christophe Monniot and Paul Rogers . In 2001 his album Trois plans sur la comète was released , on which François Corneloup and Bruno Chevillon participated. Raulin also deals with contemporary music. On his album Trois plans sur la comète there is a homage to György Ligeti with the title Hello Georges .

Discographic notes

  • Louis Sclavis: Chine (1987, Label Bleu )
  • Louis Sclavis: Chamber Music (1990, Label Bleu)
  • Louis Sclavis: Les violences de Rameau (1996, ECM )
  • Francois Raulin / Stéphan Oliva: Sept variations sur Lennie Tristano (1997, Émouvance; 2002, sketch)
  • Francois Raulin / Stéphan Oliva: Tristano (1999, Émouvance)
  • Francois Raulin: Trois plans sur la comète (2001, HatOlogy )
  • Pascal Berne, Michel Mandel, François Raulin: Sati (e) rik Excentrik (La Forge, 2013, with Gilles Arbona, David Chevallier, Christophe Monniot, Alfred Spirli , François Thuillier )


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