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Alfred Spirli (born June 10, 1957 in Bourgoin-Jallieu ) is a French jazz musician ( drums , percussion ).

Live and act

Spirli began self-taught playing the drums in 1972; He gained his first professional experience in 1977 in the Parisian venue Golf-Drouot. In the 1980s he was a street musician and performed at festivals; In 1984 he played in the company Délice Dada . In 1987 he founded the Compagnie MusicaBrass , with which he toured at home and abroad; he also worked with theater companies and the Spirli / Deschamps company, which he co-founded . In the field of jazz he also played with Yves Robert , Philippe Deschepper , François Raulin , Tom Cora , Noël Akchoté , Thierry Madiot / Margrit Rieben and Karim Sebbar .

From the 1990s onwards, Spirli mainly worked as a music teacher. a. 1992/9 with workshops as part of the Banlieues Bleues festival and at CFMI branches in Poitiers , Lyon and Lille . Since 1997 he has been a member of the Association à la Recherche d'un Folklore Imaginaire (ARFI) and played mainly in the formation L'Effet Vapeur , with whom he realized the musical animation project Bobines Mélodies (2008). He also worked with Norbert Stein , Julyen Hamilton , Marc François, Jean-Paul Autin , Xavier Garcia and, since 2004, in the ARFI big band Marmite Infernale . With Jean-Marc François, Spirli wrote the musical theater La Souplesse de la Baleine . In the field of jazz he was involved in recording sessions between 1967 and 2016.

Discographic notes

  • Yves Robert: Tout de suite (Deux Z, 1994)
  • L'Effet Vapeur: Pieces et Accessories (ARFI, 1997), with Jean-Paul Autin, Xavier Garcia and Jacques Veille
  • 32 Janvier: Invite Paul Rogers et Fred Frith (ARFI, 1999), with Maurice Merle , Xavier Garcia, Lucia Recio and Fred Frith , Paul Rogers
  • L'Effet Vapeur: Je pense que (ARFI, 2002), with Jean-Paul Autin, Xavier Garcia
  • L'Effet Vapeur: Bobines Mélodies (ARFI, 2002)
  • La Marmite Infernale & Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Choir: Sing for Freedom (ARFI, 2004)
  • La Marmite Infernale: Envoyez la suite (ARFI, 2007)
  • La Marmite Infernale: Le cauchemar d'Hector (ARFI, 2012)
  • Pascal Berne, Michel Mandel, François Raulin Sati (e) rik Excentrik (La Forge, 2013, with Gilles Arbona, David Chevallier, Christophe Monniot , François Thuillier )
  • La Marmite Infernale: Les Hommes… maintenant! (ARFI, 2016)

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