Francesco Bracci

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Cardinal coat of arms by Francesco Bracci

Francesco Cardinal Bracci (born November 5, 1879 in Vignanello , Province of Viterbo , Italy , † March 24, 1967 in Rome ) was a Cardinal Curia of the Roman Catholic Church .


Francesco Bracci studied Catholic theology and philosophy in Rome . He received on 6 June 1903, the sacrament of the priesthood and, after further studies in 1906 a lecturer at the Department of Civita Castellana , Offizial the diocesan Curia and Kathedralkanoniker . From 1914 to 1934 he worked as a lawyer for the Court of Justice of the Roman Rota and was then an auditor at that agency from December 29, 1934 to December 30, 1935 . In 1926 Pope Pius XI appointed him . also trainee lawyer at the Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signatures and 1935 secretary of the Congregation for the Order of the Sacraments .

Pope John XXIII accepted Francesco Bracci on December 15, 1958 as a cardinal deacon with the title deaconry San Cesareo in Palatio in the cardinals college . In 1962 John XXIII appointed him. the Titular Archbishop of Idassa and he donated on April 19, 1962 consecration ; Co-consecrators were the cardinals Giuseppe Pizzardo and Benedetto Aloisi Masella . From 1962 to 1965 Francesco Bracci took part in the Second Vatican Council .

Francesco Bracci died on March 24, 1967 in Rome and was buried in the church of the College of Vignanello .

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