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A freephone number is a free telephone number for the caller. This service is called the green number in some countries ; internationally the term toll-free number is mostly used. In addition, the abbreviations ITFS (International Toll-Free Service) and UIFN (Universal International Freephone Number) are often used; Freecall is also in use in Germany - but this is a brand name reserved by Deutsche Telekom for its own freephone range. Freephone numbers were introduced in the US by AT&T in the 1960s .

The called party pays the charges. These phone numbers are mostly used by companies as customer-friendly service numbers and in some cases for call-through / calling cards and dial -up Internet access if the services are to be available from any telephone connection .

Freephone / ITFS in Germany

In Germany, freephone services are offered under the 0800 area code. Until December 31, 2000 the area code 0130 was used for freephone services. This area code is also known under the abbreviation ITFS (International Toll-free Service) and can only be called nationally, but forwarded internationally.

0800 numbers are only partially reachable from cellular networks: The number holder incurs higher costs, so that he can have the numbers blocked for calls from cellular networks and from public telephones. If a connection is established, it must be free of charge for the caller. For example in the case of Telekom, as of November 2013, the prices for the number owner (in addition to the fixed charges): Fixed line 1.9 to 6.5 cents per 30 seconds and from the mobile network 11 to 21.9 cents per 30 seconds.

The Federal Network Agency is responsible for the German ITFS . The Federal Network Agency obliges telephone companies to route 0800 numbers. This is why 0800 numbers are ideal access numbers for calling card providers to make cheap calls such as B. to enable abroad if no call-by-call is available on the telephone connection used or if the calls are not to be billed via the telephone connection used.

Freephone / ITFS in other countries

Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN)

Internationally the area code +800 is used for freephone services. The following number always has eight digits, i.e. + 800-xxxx xxxx. The ITU is responsible for the UIFN service . The number can be reached free of charge worldwide, but the number owner can restrict the number to certain countries, the number is then not available from other countries. However, +800 numbers are not necessarily reachable from the networks of all international telephone providers, or dialing - especially from cellular networks and telephone networks - is charged, because the ITU only recommends free of charge for callers at international level .

00800 in Germany

In Germany the UIFN area code is specifically 00800 (consisting of the traffic elimination number 00 and the country code 800). Here +800 numbers can only be called with postpaid contracts from all mobile networks, with prepaid contracts UIFN numbers can only be reached from the networks of T-Mobile and sipgate . Calls to international +800 numbers from the E-Plus mobile network were chargeable. This contradicted the order 138/1997 of the Federal Ministry of Post and Telecommunications : No connection costs may be charged for freephone connections in Germany. In mid-2005, an amendment to the Telecommunications Act (TKG) put an end to this practice. Even from the wired landline network , some providers do not transfer to UIFN numbers: For example, it is not possible to dial 00800 numbers via Kabel BW .

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