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The Freie Secession eV was a German artist group . It split off from the Berlin Secession in 1914 and existed until 1924. Members were 50 artists under the leadership of Max Liebermann . The split was the cause of the legal "secession" trials in which the previous members accused themselves of insulting themselves.

Other members included a. Ernst Barlach , Max Beckmann , Benno Berneis , Otto Beyer , Theo von Brockhusen , Charles Crodel , Reinhold Ewald , Oswald Galle , Dora Hitz , Fritz Klimsch , Georg Kolbe , Käthe Kollwitz , August Kraus , Wilhelm Lehmbruck , Rudolf Levy , Willi Maillard , Otto Müller , Hans Purrmann , Franz Radziwill , Waldemar Rösler , Richard Scheibe , Karl Schmidt-Rottluff , Karli Sohn-Rethel , Götz von Seckendorff , Max Slevogt , Wilhelm Trübner , Henry van de Velde , Otto von Waetjen , Hedwig Weiß and Heinrich Zille .

The management was initially held by Erich Schall , then later by Ferdinand Möller .

The association's first exhibition took place in 1914, the last in the Lutz gallery in Berlin in 1923. Exhibitions were also held in honor of deceased artists, such as the 1918 memorial exhibition for Wilhelm Trübner and Götz von Seckendorff .

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