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Friedrich IV. Karl Ludwig Wilhelm of Hessen-Homburg (born April 15, 1724 in Braunfels , † February 7, 1751 in Homburg vor der Höhe ) was Landgrave of Hessen-Homburg .


Friedrich Karl was born in the Schloss zu Braunfels as the first child of Prince Casimir Wilhelm (1690–1726) and his wife Countess Christine Charlotte (1690–1751), daughter of Count Wilhelm Moritz zu Solms-Braunfels . His father was a son of Landgrave Friedrich II of Hessen-Homburg .

Friedrich grew up first in the Braunfelser Burg, later in Varel , enjoyed a comprehensive education in a humanistic-Christian sense and attended the university in Leiden for a few semesters . In 1740 he was presented to Frederick the Great in Wesel , joined the Prussian army in 1741 at his suggestion and took part in the two Silesian Wars . He distinguished himself at the siege of Brieg and was promoted to captain . In 1744 he was part of the offensive in Bohemia and the conquest of Prague . Here he fell ill and took his leave in 1745.

On October 10, 1746, he married Ulrike Luise (1731–1792), daughter of Prince Friedrich Wilhelm zu Solms-Braunfels, in Hungen . Landgrave Friedrich III died on June 8, 1746 . in Holland. He had outlived his sons and no grandchildren. His second marriage had been childless. In Homburg, his nephew took office as Friedrich IV.

Johann Jacob Moser and Friedrich Karl Kasimir von Creutz , as his first ministers, tried to reorganize Homburg's finances, but he was to pass on the mismanagement that had led to the formation of an imperial debit commission under his predecessor .

In 1737 his claim to the Duchy of Courland became obsolete after the Ketteler family died out , which he derived from Courland through his grandmother Luise Elisabeth . The duchy was given to Ernst Johann von Biron , favorite of Tsarina Anna .

Coffin of Landgrave Friedrich IV. In the crypt of the Homburg Landgrave Castle

In 1747 the older Hessen-Darmstadt line tried to regain Hessen-Homburg; Darmstadt troops moved into Homburg and Landgrave Ludwig VIII claimed the guardianship of Friedrich IV. However, he was of legal age, adult and married. There followed processes and complaints to the Imperial Councilor and the Emperor. While the negotiations were still pending, Friedrich IV died at the age of twenty-eight of a "breast disease". His son and successor Friedrich V had celebrated his third birthday a week earlier.

Friedrich IV is buried in the crypt of Bad Homburg Castle .


Friedrich Karl had the following children from his marriage:

⚭ 1768 Princess Karoline of Hessen-Darmstadt (1746–1821)
  • Marie Christine (1748–1750)


predecessor Office successor
Friedrich III. Landgrave of Hessen-Homburg
Friedrich V.

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