Georg Balthasar Metzger

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Portrait of Georg Balthasar Metzger by an anonymous master, on a painting from the collection of the Tübingen Professorengalerie

Georg Balthasar Metzger (born September 23, 1623 in Schweinfurt ; † October 9, 1687 in Tübingen ) was a German physician and scientist and co-founder of the Academia Naturae Curiosorum in Schweinfurt.

Live and act

Metzger began studying medicine at the University of Altdorf in 1643 , which he continued from 1644 to 1648 in Jena with Daniel Stahl , Werner Rolfinck and Gottfried Möbius . From Jena he went to Erfurt , Helmstedt and Leipzig , where he was a student of Johann Michaelis . In Padua , where he stayed until 1650, he dealt primarily with surgery and anatomy. On the way back to Germany, he was in October 1650 in Basel as a doctor of medicine doctorate .

In Jena he received his doctorate in 1646 under Gottfried Möbius . The title of his dissertation for the Magister Artium was Suppressionem mensium . 1650 he was also with a thesis entitled Disputatio medica inauguralis de catarrho suffocativo at the University of Basel with Johann Jakob von Brunn Dr. med. PhD. Then Metzger worked as a general practitioner in Schweinfurt.

On January 1, 1652 ( matriculation no. 3 ) Metzger with the nickname Americus founded the Academia Naturae Curiosorum , today's German Academy of Natural Scientists Leopoldina, together with Johann Laurentius Bausch , Johann Michael Fehr and Georg Balthasar Wohlfahrt in Schweinfurt . In the same year he became professor for medicine and physics at the University of Giessen .

From there he came to the University of Tübingen in 1661 , where his focus was on anatomy and botany . Duke Eberhard III had called him to Tübingen so that the anatomical and surgical lessons could be properly carried out and improved. In Tübingen, Metzger was director of the Hortus medicus botanical garden from 1681 to 1688 . His student Rudolf Jacob Camerarius succeeded him as gardening director in Tübingen.


He was married to Katharina Margarete Küffner. Her daughter Anna Magdalena († 1682) married the lawyer Ferdinand Christoph Harpprecht .


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