Georg Erhard Hamberger

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Georg Erhard Hamberger

Georg Erhard Hamberger (born December 21, 1697 in Jena ; † July 22, 1755 there ) was a German doctor .


His father was the mathematics and physics professor Georg Albrecht Hamberger (1662-1716). From 1714 he also studied these subjects at his father's request, but soon recognized his inclination for medicine and secretly attended the anatomical lectures of Johann Adrian Slevogt (1653–1726). He learned the basics of botany from a university gardener. After his father's death in 1716, he turned entirely to medicine. Slevogt entrusted him with the preparation of the preparations intended for demonstrations in anatomy. He learned practical medicine from Johann Adolph Wedel (1675–1747). In 1717 he earned his master's degree in philosophy and in 1721 he became a doctor of medicine.

In 1724 he was appointed Land Physicus of the Weimar district and in 1726 Prof. extraord. of mathematics and physics in Jena. Three years later he was given the management of the land physician. In 1734 he was appointed court counselor in Jena and in 1737 a full professor of mathematics and physics. On May 18, 1731 Hamberger was elected a member ( matriculation number 425 ) of the Leopoldina with the academic surname Ctesibus . In 1744 he became full professor of botany, anatomy and surgery and in 1748, after the death of his father-in-law, professor of chemistry and practical medicine. Hamberger also took part in the organizational tasks of the Jena Salana and was rector of the Alma Mater in the winter semesters of 1747 and 1753 .

As a supporter of Jatro-Physics (application of physics for healing) he believed that all life processes could be traced back to simple physical laws and got into a dispute with Albrecht von Haller about this . It was only on his death bed that he admitted that Haller was right.


Hamberger married on May 14, 1724 in Jena with Sophia Margaretha Wedel, the daughter of the Jena professor Johann Adolph Wedel and his wife Clara Maria Beck. The marriage resulted in seven sons and three daughters. We know of these:

  • Johanna Sophia Margaretha Hamberger (born January 6, 1726 in Jena; † August 5, 1788 ibid) married July 12, 1744 in Jena to Professor Christian Heinrich Eckhard
  • Adolph Friedrich Hamberger (born March 14, 1727 in Jena; † February 5, 1750 there), professor of medicine in Jena
  • Johann Erhard Hamberger (* May 12, 1729 in Jena; † 1775 in Apolda) Princely Saxon Hovadvokat and later court advocate in Apolda, married April 24, 1763 in Jena with Maria Sophia Wilhelmina Heiligenstadt († October 14, 1814 in Jena)
  • Dorothea Elisabeth Sophia Hamberger (born September 25, 1730 in Jena; † June 2, 1775) married May 3, 1756 with the professor of astronomy in Jena Basilius Christian Bernhard Wiedeburg (born September 14, 1722 in Jena; † July 1, 1758 ibid )
  • Johann Georg Hamberger (born August 11, 1732 in Jena; † February 6, 1768 ibid) candidate jur.
  • Clara Catharina Sophie Hamberger (* July 20, 1734 in Jena; † October 25, 1814 ibid) married June 20, 1756 in Jena with the professor of theology in Jena Johann Christian Blasche (* May 25, 1718 Geißmannsdorf † January 20, 1792 in Jena)
  • Adolph Albrecht Hamberger (born February 8, 1737 in Jena; † 1785/88/89 Anskull (Gotland, Sweden)), Dr. med., private lecturer in Jena, since 1782 district physician a. Russian State Council in Estonia
  • Wolfgang Friedrich Hamberger (born May 9, 1738 in Jena), worked in Greiz as a horse dresser
  • Johann Carl Hamberger (born July 26, 1740 in Jena; † young)
  • Johann Ernst Hamberger (born August 30, 1741 in Jena; † January 11, 1761 ibid) candidate med.

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