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Giovanni Battista Rosani SP (born September 21, 1787 in Acceglio ; † August 8, 1862 in Rome ) was an Italian clergyman, curia bishop and president of the academy for the ecclesiastical nobility .


He joined the Order of the Piarists in 1803 and was ordained a priest on August 25, 1830 . Giovanni Battista Rosani taught in Ragusa, in Alatri and from 1820 at the Collegio Nazareno in Rome. On May 9, 1836 he became superior general of his order. On May 14, 1838 he entered the service of the Curia as the hymnographer of the Congregation for Rites , and remained so until his death. In addition, he was from December 18, 1839 examiner of the bishops in theology and from November 22, 1843 consultor of the Index Congregation and the Holy Office . In December 1835 he became a member of the Roman Academy of Archeology. On April 2, 1835, Giovanni Battista Rosani was appointed secretary of the Accademia della Religione Cattolica , which he remained until 1859. From 1843 to 1847 he was the successor to Giacomo Sinibaldi, President of the Academy for the Ecclesiastical Nobility.

Pope Gregory XVI appointed him on January 22, 1844 titular bishop of Erythrae . He was ordained bishop on January 28 of the same year by Cardinal Vicar Costantino Patrizi Naro ; Co- consecrators were Fabio Maria Asquini , titular patriarch of Constantinople , and Archbishop Giovanni Giuseppe Canali , vice-gentleman of Rome. On June 4, 1846 Giovanni Battista Rosani gave the funeral sermon for Gregory XVI in front of the cardinals who had gathered for the conclave .


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