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Giza (Egypt)
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Coordinates 29 ° 59 ′  N , 31 ° 8 ′  E Coordinates: 29 ° 59 ′  N , 31 ° 8 ′  E
Basic data
Country Egypt


Residents 4,146,340 (2017)
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Giza on the Nile
Giza on the Nile

Gizeh , German Giseh or Gise ([ ˈɡiːze ], also Giza [ ˈɡiːza ], Arabic الجيزة al-Jīza , DMG al-Ǧīza , Egyptian Arabic ig-Gīza [ ɪˈɡːiːzɛ̈ ]), is the third largest city in Egypt with 4.1 million inhabitantsand the capital of the governorate of al-Jīza (el-Gīza) . It belongs to the metropolitan area of ​​Cairo with over 19 million inhabitants. Giza is located on the west bank of the Nile , about 20 km southwest of downtown Cairo . The settlement area of ​​both cities is only separated by the Nile. The city is known for the Giza Plateau with its ancient Egyptian royal tombs, pyramids and temples, including the Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza .

Economy, education and transport

Industry and commerce

The most important source of income is tourism through the nearby ancient sites. Giza is also an important industrial area. The chemical, mechanical engineering and cigarette industries are important. In addition, the districts on the Nile have become a popular place to live for the middle and upper classes in Egypt.

As an automobile manufacturer, the company Suzuki Egypt SAE , which belongs to the Seoudi Group , is also based here with a second plant, which produces vehicles for the Japanese automobile brand Suzuki .

Urban development

Like Cairo, Giza has to cope with a disproportionate increase in population. For a long time the wild slum formation on the outskirts of the city was watched idly until the pressure on the ancient pyramids forced a turnaround. The desert area around the pyramids is now protected from further settlement, but a few kilometers to the west a new building area of ​​over a hundred square kilometers called the City of October 6 has been designated, which, when fully occupied, offers space for over a million inhabitants.

A population of over 6.5 million people is expected by 2050.


Giza is connected to the numerous road links and railway lines along the Nile. The new international airport was opened in 2018 .


Important educational institutions are Cairo University , which moved to Giza in 1924, and the Academy for the Arabic Language (founded in 1932).

Pronunciation of the name

Giza roughly reproduces the pronunciation in Egyptian Arabic ( s does not stand for the German "s" as in aus , but for the voiced "s" at the beginning of the word as in sun ); In English, the pronunciation is given as Giza (see pronunciation of the English language ). In standard Arabic , the word begins with “dsch”, in English spelling it is usually represented by “j” (which is why the spelling Jizah is sometimes found).

The "h" at the end of the word is silent (it stands for the Ta marbuta ), the final vowel can be pronounced as "a", "ä" or "e". Like many Arabic names, the name is mostly used with the definite article al- (dialect el- ).

sons and daughters of the town

Twin cities

Los Angeles has been a twin city of Giza since June 27, 1989 in the United States. Other twin cities are Rinkeby in Sweden and Bandar Seri Begawan in Brunei .

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