Grimm (2003)

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German title Grim
Original title Grim
Country of production Netherlands
original language Dutch
Publishing year 2003
length 103 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Alex van Warmerdam
script Alex van Warmerdam, Otakar Votocek
production Marc van Warmerdam
music Alex van Warmerdam
camera Tom Erisman
cut Stefan Kamp

Grimm is a Dutch film drama with tragicomic elements by director Alex van Warmerdam from 2003. The plot thematizes the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm .


Marie and Jacob are young adults who are abandoned in the forest by their parents. This is the beginning of a classic road movie. On their way through the forest they come across a farm. Jacob is forced to have sex with the farmer's wife, but the siblings are able to flee. They try to get to their uncle in Spain, who has already passed away. On the way, Marie tries to work as a prostitute, but Jacob prevents her from doing so. Later, Marie assaults a passerby in a gas station and steals her clothes.

In Spain, Marie meets the doctor Diego, who lives in an upscale situation with his sick sister Teresa on a remote finca. Diego marries Marie - Jacob is jealous. Eventually, Diego's motivation becomes apparent. He takes a kidney from Jacob to be transplanted to his sister. Jacob is abandoned in a remote area. Marie flees. The siblings hide in an abandoned Western film set. You kill Diego. In the last scene, Jacob and Marie stumble through barren, dry terrain.


According to the television station ZDF , Alex van Warmerdam "puts the sad fable into the present day, characterizes the siblings as subliminally incestuous and develops a black comedy that works with elements of the road movie, but also of crime and erotic films."

Awards (selection)

The production has received numerous international nominations and received the Film Poster Award at the Dutch Film Festival in 2004 .

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