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Gustav Gundelach (born December 19, 1888 in Kiel , † July 8, 1962 in Hamburg ) was a German KPD politician and resistance fighter against National Socialism .


Gundelach completed an apprenticeship as a lathe operator and from 1908 worked at Blohm & Voss in Hamburg. Member of the SPD since 1909 , he joined the USPD in 1917 , where he belonged to the left wing, which merged with the KPD in 1920. In 1923 he took part in the Hamburg uprising . In 1924 he became a full-time party functionary and was elected to the Wasserkante district management, in addition he took over the management of the Red Aid in Hamburg. From 1924 to 1933 he was a member of the Hamburg parliament and from 1927/28 its vice-president.

After the seizure of power of the NSDAP in 1933 Gundelach went into hiding and was active in the underground resistance work of the KPD. In 1934 Gundelach worked on behalf of the Western European Office of International Red Aid in Austria, Norway and Denmark, and in 1935 in Romania and Switzerland. From January 1937 to June 1938 he went to Spain as an interbrigadist , where he headed the Red Cross of the interbrigades . In 1940 he came to Moscow; There he attended the International Lenin School in 1941/42 and from December 1942 worked for the National Committee for Free Germany . Until March 1945 he was speaker and editor at the German national broadcaster and from August 1943 he was also an employee of the broadcaster “Free Germany” . In April 1945 he returned to Germany as a member of the Ulbricht group and was President of the Central Administration for Labor and Social Welfare of the Soviet Occupation Zone until 1946 .

A year later he was sent to Hamburg to take over the leadership of the KPD. He was a member of the Hamburg parliament for the KPD in the first electoral period after the war. In June 1947 he left the citizenry as a parliamentarian . Gundelach was then a member of the zone advisory board in 1947/48 .

He was a member of the German Bundestag in the first legislative period ( 1949–1953 ). He became a member of the party executive committee of the KPD. After it was banned in 1956, he worked illegally for the party and in 1961 tried in vain to run as an independent individual candidate for the Bundestag.

In 1960 he was awarded the medal “ Fighters against Fascism ” in the GDR .


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Individual evidence

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