HMS Ben-my-Chree

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HMS Ben-my-Chree (1915) .jpg
Ship data
flag United KingdomUnited Kingdom (Naval War Flag) United Kingdom
Ship type Aircraft mother ship
Shipyard Vickers , Barrow-in-Furness
Launch March 23, 1908
takeover January 1, 1915
Commissioning March 23, 1915
Whereabouts Sunk on January 11, 1917
Ship dimensions and crew
114 m ( Lüa )
width 14 m
Draft Max. 5.3 m
displacement 3,942 tn.l.
crew 250
Machine system
machine 4 steam boilers
3 steam turbines
14,500 hp (10,665 kW)
24.5 kn (45 km / h)
propeller 2

HMS Ben-my-Chree was one of the first British aircraft mother ships . The name comes from the Manx language and means mother of my heart . Originally a passenger ship , she was rebuilt during World War I in 1915. During the war she was stationed in the Dardanelles .


Rear view, with the hangar

The Ben-my-Chree was a passenger ship of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company on the Isle of Man route until 1915 . She was chartered by the Royal Navy on January 1, 1915, with a hangar at the stern and a launch pad on the foredeck. Stocked it was with Sopwith -Schneider Water fighters who later Short-184 - seaplanes were replaced. It entered service on March 23, 1915.

Service in the First World War

Initially, the Ben-my-Chree was used to repel German zeppelins in the North Sea, but was moved to the Mediterranean in June 1915.

Sinking the Ben-my-Chree
The Ben-my-Chree is sinking

On August 17, 1915, the pilot CHK Edmonds took off from her and sank a Turkish transport ship during this mission. A few days later, a pilot who was also launched from the Ben-my-Chree also hit a torpedo.

On January 11, 1917, the Ben-my-Chree , lying in the port of Kastelorizo off the south coast of Asia Minor , was sunk by Ottoman coastal guns under the command of Captain Mustafa Ertuğrul Aker . The wreck was lifted in 1920 and scrapped in 1923.


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