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Hadwig and Victor Klemperer (front, 2nd and 3rd from left) during Thomas Mann's award as honorary member of the Akademie der Künste , May 14, 1955

Hadwig Klemperer , b. Kirchner, (born March 5, 1926 in Berlin , † September 22, 2010 in Dresden ) was a German philologist and editor.


After graduating from high school in Lower Silesia , she studied German and Romance languages at the Martin Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg from 1946 . There she met Victor Klemperer in 1948 and finally followed him in 1951 as senior research assistant at the Humboldt University in Berlin . Here she wrote her doctoral thesis until 1957 on the subject of Heinrich Mann's novel: “The youth and the perfection of King Henri Quatre” in relation to his sources and templates .

After the death of Klemperer's wife Eva in 1951, Victor Klemperer and Hadwig Kirchner married in 1952. Both took up residence in Dresden- Dölzschen and subsequently commuted between Dresden, Halle (Saale) and Berlin. “Hadwig is the pragmatic, the psychologically stronger one in this relationship. […] Now, at his side, she counteracts his breathlessness, his pace of work and his sometimes consuming urge for later social recognition. ”She also accompanied her husband on his lecture tours abroad.

After Klemperer's death in 1960, she accepted a teaching position for Romance languages ​​at the University of Halle and commuted between Dresden and Halle (Saale) , where her parents had lived since the Berlin apartment was bombed. In 1977 Klemperer moved from his apartment in Dölzschen to an apartment in Johannstadt in Dresden .

Together with her former fellow student Walter Nowojski , Klemperer began indexing Victor Klemperer's diaries, which the Aufbau-Verlag in Berlin had shown interest in. “Both of them did some Sisyphus work. Thousands of pages, tightly scribbled with a handwriting that took a lot of getting used to, partly on the most miserable paper, had to be deciphered, names to be checked, incomprehensible facts to be commented on . Diaries 1933–1945 Victor Klemperer was posthumously awarded the Geschwister Scholl Prize in Munich in October 1995 , which Walter Nojowski and Hadwig Klemperer received. In the following years Klemperer, “best connoisseur of [Victor] Klemperer's cosmos of knowledge” and “guide through this work”, continued to dedicate herself to her husband's legacy and gave numerous lectures on the time of National Socialism, Klemperer's life and work.

Klemperer died in Dresden in 2010 and was buried in the Old Catholic Cemetery.

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