Shark alert in Mallorca

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Original title Shark alert in Mallorca
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 2004
length 109 minutes
Director Jorgo Papavassiliou
script Jörg Alberts ,
Roland Heep ,
Frank Koopmann ,
Don Schubert
production Hermann Joha ,
Stefan Retzbach
music Kay Skerra
camera Yvonne Tratz
cut Daniela Beauvais

Hai-Alarm auf Mallorca is a German-language action film from 2003. Bodybuilders Ralf Moeller , Katy Karrenbauer , Gregor Bloéb and Julia Stinshoff can be seen in the leading roles . The premiere was supposed to take place in the summer of 2004, but had to be postponed to October of the same year due to some errors in the computer animation . Jorgo Papavassiliou directed the film on behalf of the private broadcaster RTL . The plot of the film largely corresponds to the Hollywood film Deep Blue Sea .

Shark alert in Mallorca! is a co-production between RTL Television, Universum Film AG, the independent film production company RocketStudios and actionConcept and was filmed based on a script by Jörg Alberts , Roland Heep , Frank Koopmann and Don Schubert .


Several cruel incidents occur on the holiday island of Mallorca during the high season. During a shark cage diving trip led by tourist guides Javier, Carlos and Maja, the diving cage is attacked by an unknown basking shark. At the last second, the diving group is rescued by Sven Hansen, Maja's father and ex- combat swimmer , and marine biologist Julia Bennet. A little later, the basking shark claims its first victim: a young couple is torn from a rowboat and killed. The Mallorcan police deny the possibility of a shark attack. For Sven Hansen, however, it is immediately clear that it must be a megalodon . This allegedly extinct prehistoric shark is believed to be responsible for the death of his wife a few years ago. A shark tooth found by Hansen is used by the Marine Biological Institute (MBI) to carry out a DNA analysis, which, however, does not show any correspondence with the megalodon. Sven Hansen doubts the results and, with Julia Bennet's help, reveals the truth: The MBI, under the direction of Dr. Verena Brandauer cloned a megalodon to find a cure for cancer. In a severe storm on the holiday island, however, this could break out. Thereafter, the MBI made unsuccessful attempts to recapture the megalodon alive. For Sven Hansen it is clear that only the death of the megalodon can restore security to Mallorca. It comes to a showdown on the high seas, in which Hansen kills the basking shark from a helicopter using a harpoon with a detonator.


The tourist guide Maja takes part in a jet ski race in the film. A stage for background music is set up on the beach. The pop singer Jeanette Biedermann and her band perform as a music group . She sings the song "69". The song is about the sexual position sixty-nine .


"The movie has a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor which makes it much more palatable then if it had taken itself too seriously. The characters are fairly likable and we get two cool car crashes. There's one thing for sure, Shark Attack in the Mediterranean is much better than most of the Sci-Fi channels stinkers. "

- DVDtalk

"Hanebuchen mischief under the hot Mediterranean sun, staged terribly badly, played downright disastrously."

“Help, Trashalarm: TV actors in the second row stumble through a stupid horror scenario. [...] Brutal TV porridge with a huge shark "

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