Hans Martin Gubler

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Hans Martin Gubler (* 1939 ; † October 6, 1989 in Italy ) was a Swiss art historian with a research focus on sacred buildings of the early modern period .


Hans Martin Gubler studied art history at the University of Zurich and received his doctorate with a dissertation on the baroque master builder Peter Thumb . His habilitation thesis dealt with the baroque master builder Johann Caspar Bagnato .

In addition to researching the Roman Catholic Vorarlberg Baroque , Gubler also dealt with the Reformed church building in the Canton of Zurich , especially with transverse churches . He invested a substantial part of his research into the monuments - inventorying . He contributed three volumes to the series Die Kunstdenkmäler der Schweiz . He particularly endeavored to take into account newer architecture and industrial monuments .

Gubler was Vice President of the Society for Swiss Art History and President of the Editorial Committee from 1981–1989. He was therefore responsible for the publication of the art monuments volumes and the inventory series of recent Swiss architecture .

Hans Martin Gubler was married and had three children. Most recently he lived in Wald ZH .


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Individual evidence

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