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Original title Identikit
Country of production Italy
original language Italian , English
Publishing year 1974
length 105 minutes
Director Giuseppe Patroni Griffi
script Raffaele La Capria
Giuseppe Patroni Griffi based
on a novel by Muriel Spark
production Nello Meniconi
Franco Rossellini for Rizzoli Film
music Franco Mannino
camera Vittoria Storaro
cut Franco Arcalli

Identikit (it .: " Phantombild ") is an Italian feature film by director Giuseppe Patroni Griffi from 1974. The film is an adaptation of Muriel Spark's 1970 novel The Driver's Seat (German: Kill me! ). Elizabeth Taylor and Ian Bannen can be seen in the leading roles .


Lise, a beautiful and mysterious middle-aged American, is on her nerve and sets off on a trip to Rome. She is a woman who is desperate about her existential loneliness and speaks - since communication and human encounters have become absurd and impossible for her - practically only in Dada sentences.

On the plane she meets the eccentric macrobiotic fan Bill, who makes no secret of the fact that he would like to go to bed with her. Your second aircraft acquaintance is the introverted Pierre, who is afraid of her and initially avoids her.

Lise frankly tells everyone that she will meet her boyfriend in Rome, with whom - as it soon turns out - she has not arranged a fixed meeting place, so she is always on the lookout for him. She holds a book in front of her to recognize her. After a short time, the viewer suspects that this friend doesn't even exist and that Lise is really looking for something monstrous and completely different.

She wasted the afternoon shopping together with the good-natured chattering Mrs. Fiedke. Then she lets the Papagallo Carlo take her in the car, but this one does not live up to her expectations either. The desperation she feels about the alienation and isolation of life is so profound that it could no longer be alleviated by an act of love. Lise is looking for a completely different, the ultimate act.

The viewer soon realizes that all the scenes in which Lise appears are flashbacks. The framework consists of a series of interrogations that the overwhelmed police conduct with all the people with whom Lise came into contact in Rome.

Production and reception

The shooting for the Technicolor and 35mm film took place in August and September 1973 in Munich and Rome .

The film premiered on May 20, 1974 in Monaco. In the USA it was first seen under the international title The Driver's Seat on October 10, 1975. The film never came into cinemas in Germany.

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