Ignazio Calandrelli

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Ignazio Calandrelli (born October 27, 1792 in Rome ; † February 12, 1866 there ) was an Italian astronomer , mathematician and university professor . The asteroid (8269) Calandrelli , which was discovered on August 17, 1988 by the Bologna observatory of San Vittore , is named after him .

Life and career

Calandrelli worked in Rome both as a professor of optics and astronomy and in the position of director of the Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma on the Capitol and performed a similar task in Bologna from 1845 to 1848. He worked with his nephew Giuseppe Calandrelli (1749-1827), who also worked as a physicist and astronomer in Rome .

Scientific work

Calandrelli dealt mainly with positional astronomy in his scientific work . He prepared a star catalog and provided numerous planetary orbital calculations , in particular for the orbits of minor planets and comets .


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