Ijon Tichy: Space pilot

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Television series
Original title Ijon Tichy: Space pilot
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 2006–2007, 2010–2011
Cosmic Colleagues
Sabotage Films
length Season 1: 6 × 15 minutes
Season 2: 8 × 22 minutes
Episodes 14 in 2 seasons
genre Science fiction - satire
idea Oliver Jahn
Dennis Jacobsen
Randa Chahoud
production Karsten Aurich
Oliver Jahn
Dennis Jacobsen
Randa Chahoud
music Eike Ebbel Groenewold
First broadcast March 26, 2007 on ZDF

Main actor:

Supporting cast:

Ijon Tichy: Space Pilot is a German science fiction - Satire television series of Randa Chahoud , Dennis Jacobsen and Oliver Jahn , on a free machining of Stanislaw Lem's story collection The Star Diaries is based. The trio writes the scripts and directs, Jahn also plays the title hero Ijon Tichy. The female lead is occupied by Nora Tschirner .

The first season was broadcast for the first time on March 26, 2007, every Monday at around 11:55 p.m. on ZDF . Each episode was made available online in the ZDFmediathek a week earlier . The second season was broadcast in November and December 2011 on ZDFneo and ZDF. According to his own statement, director Dennis Jacobsen wants a sequel in the form of a movie in the future.


Ijon Tichy experiences bizarre adventures on his flights through the universe. He is accompanied by his “Analog Hallucinelle”, which he completes in the first episode. With a pseudo-Eastern European accent, Tichy as the narrator leads the viewer through a colorful, trashy world full of genre recites and ludicrous ideas.

The first season consists of individual, largely independent adventures. The episodes of the second season are interwoven through a framework story - Tichy tries to get to the egg planet Eggmann, which he is prevented from by an adventure each -, other characters and references.

In the first season, episodes 1 and 2 are inspired by the Fourteenth Voyage in Lem's Star Diaries , episode 3 by the Seventh Voyage (the last paragraph of which is repeated as a running gag by the narrator at the end of each episode), episode 4 by the Eighth Voyage (with Lems Roman The futurological congress only has the title in common).


Ijon Tichy

Ijon Tichy is a space pilot, explorer and self-proclaimed “hero of the cosmos”, who flies through space without a clear mandate and experiences adventures in the process. He certainly has a certain technical expertise, but above all a great ego. He often acts like a big kid, overestimating himself and defiant. In the event of a conflict, he stubbornly insists on his opinion and is usually unwilling to accept facts or recognize the merits of others. As a result, it often stands in its own way, especially if it encounters itself through a time loop (hereinafter relativistic effects ).

Tichy does not value a well-groomed appearance, since he is at home in the entire cosmos. In his rocket he usually wears an undershirt and sweatpants, occasionally even just underwear, and always looks tired and disgruntled. He feeds mainly on egg dishes.

Analog hallucinels

The Analog Hallucinelle is a holographic assistant whose technical subsystem is in Tichy's dishwasher. At first it is projected with an indoor TV antenna and can only exist inside the rocket; later it moves just as independently as Tichy. Their appearance is alienated in the series by interlacing and thus appears unnatural.

It was designed by Tichy to keep him company and to do chores for him. However, she has a mind of her own, is just as stubborn as its builder and likes to take on the moderating, gently reproving mother role of the big child Tichy. That always leads to tension between the two. Most of the time she turns out to be more shrewd and can thus bring a tricky adventure to a successful conclusion.

During the whole time she fights for recognition, which she succeeds at the end of both seasons.

Professor Tarantoga

Professor Tarantoga is a scientist at the Institute of the Cosmic Encyclopedia and a gifted inventor. For example, he invented a huge cannon with which he shoots a primordial soup into nowhere to prevent the destruction of the universe. The Biste-Fix time bubbles were also invented by him, with which one can travel into the future in seconds. However, he is quite helpless as soon as he is in a dangerous situation.

Unlike in the star diaries , Tarantoga is not Tichy's friend here, sending him on a voyage of discovery, but rather forms a counterpart to him. This is often made clear by the deliberately mispronunciation of Tichy's name, with which Tarantoga openly shows his disdain for him.


Mel is Tarantoga's assistant and helps him with his inventions. Since he does not know which species he belongs to or which planet he comes from, he would like to travel the cosmos to determine his origin. When Tichy lands at Tarantoga to save the universe, Mel sneaks aboard Tichy's rocket as a stowaway and accompanies him through the entire second season.

Doctor Spamy

The pushy Prozytian Doctor Miroslav Spamy is extremely obese, has a short trunk for a mouth and wears color anaglyph glasses . Tichy met him in the 1st season at a congress for robot technology, where he would like to present the analog hallucinelle as a great invention. This is successfully sabotaged by her, since then Spamy has held the hallucinels for Tichy's wife. When Tichy flies past the planet Prozytien again in Season 2, Spamy stages a kidnapping of the hallucinels so that Tichy pays more attention to her again.

Spamy later worked in Tarantoga's laboratory for a while as a replacement for his missing assistant Mel.


The television series is based on themes and motifs from Stanisław Lem's star diaries and other works by this author around the main character Ijon Tichy. From this material, Randa Chahoud , Dennis Jacobsen and Oliver Jahn , fellow students at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb) , developed the two short films From the Star Diaries of Ijon Tichy (1999) and From the Star Diaries of Ijon Tichy II (2000). The first part won the audience award at the Hamburg International Short Film Festival in 1999 . In 2005, Chahoud, Jacobsen and Jahn founded the production company Kosmische Kollegen . Together with Karsten Aurich von Sabotage Films as co-producer and the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb), this realized the television series for ZDF .


Tichy's "rocket" (as he calls his spaceship himself) looks like a press stamp can with windows from the outside , and from the inside like an old Berlin apartment through whose door you can easily get outside. The satirical character of the series is also evident in how highly technical functions are represented by simple retro items, such as household appliances from the 1980s and 1990s. The “cockpit” consists of wildly stacked electronic devices with an old door lock as the main control element, in front of which Tichy lies in a deck chair. The “book hall”, where Tichy often gets information, is formed by some old books on a shelf.

Aliens are designed bizarre and full of character with deliberately simple means, some have lampshades as heads, for example.

The first season was shot in Oliver Jahn's actual apartment. Since this was no longer available when shooting the second season (Jahn had moved and the apartment was renovated), it was recreated in the studio.

Episode list

season 1

The first season consists of six episodes, each around 15 minutes in length. These were first broadcast by ZDF between March 26 and May 7, 2007.

( total )
( St. )
Original title First broadcast D
1 1 Cosmic colleagues 26th Mar 2007
2 2 Planet of reserves Apr 2, 2007
3 3 Relativistic Effects Apr 16, 2007
4th 4th The futurological congress Apr 23, 2007
5 5 sabotage Apr 30, 2007
6th 6th The inner voice May 7, 2007

season 2

The second season consists of eight episodes, each around 25 minutes in length. The first broadcast took place between November 4 and 25, 2011 on ZDFneo .

( total )
( St. )
Original title First broadcast D
7th 1 Hero of cosmos Nov 4, 2011
8th 2 Shøpping Nov 4, 2011
9 3 Nice and frothy Nov 11, 2011
10 4th Biste-Fix time bubbles Nov 11, 2011
11 5 Sepulks forbidden! Nov 18, 2011
12 6th The memento Nov 18, 2011
13 7th Appearance and Being, Part I. Nov 25, 2011
14th 8th Appearance and Being, Part II Nov 25, 2011


  • 2007 - German Television Prize : Promotion Prize / Direction for Randa Chahoud, Dennis Jacobsen and Oliver Jahn
  • 2007 - nominated for the First Steps Award
  • 2008 - World Bronze Medal at the New York Broadcasting Festival
  • 2008 - nominated for the Adolf Grimme Prize
  • 2012 - nominated for the Grimme Prize 2012 in the contest contingent fiction / series & multi-part series
  • 2012 - Curt Siodmak Prize for best science fiction series and special prize for German productions


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