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Italsider was the largest Italian steel producer.

On February 1, 1905, the " Società Anonima Ilva " for house building was founded in Genoa in the Bagnoli district.

Ilva's capital was involved in the Siderurgica di Savona , la Ligure Metallurgica , the blast furnace , smelter and steelworks of Terni , flanked by Ferriere Italiane e L'Elba - Società Anonima di Miniere e die Alti Forni , which opened on 29 June 1899 was founded as a construction company by Portoferraio . From 1911 the company appeared as Consorzio Ilva and in 1918 it merged with Ilva Alti Forni e Acciaierie d'Italia , based in Rome .

From 1931 it moved its headquarters to Genoa. As a result of the fascist economic policy to overcome the global economic crisis , it was controlled by the IRI in 1934 . In June 1937 it was subordinated to the Finsider , a state financial holding of the IRI. In 1961 a merger with " Cornigliano SpA " followed, which is why the company changed its name to " Italsider Alti Forni e Acciaierie Riunite Ilva e Cornigliano ". Since 1964 only the name Italsider has been used.

Italsider operated a modern steelworks in Cornigliano near Genoa, which was designed based on the Japanese model for the inexpensive import of ore and coal via sea directly on the coast. As part of the development of the Mezzogiorno , a steel mill was also built on the coast in Bagnoli near Naples . However, since there were not enough qualified workers to be found there, they had to be lured away in northern Italy. Another company was built based on this model on the Gulf of Taranto . Italsider also had a production site in Trieste .

One of Italsider's germ cells was in Ilva on Lake Iseo . However, this location had cost disadvantages due to its location.

Italsider had a production share of 60% in the national steel market in Italy in 1975. Four steelworks were combined in it. The state-owned IRI had significant stakes in shipbuilding, mechanical engineering and automotive engineering, which meant that a significant part of Italsider's steel production was absorbed within the group.

Italsider blew up the production quotas promised in 1980 in the Eurofer -1 cartel .

On September 19, 1981 Italsider took control over "Nuova Italsider" with all the assets of Marghera and San Giovanni Valdarno along with the steel plant Piombino acquired were. In 1983 Italsider decided to voluntarily liquidate itself and transfer all shares in Nuovo Italsider to Finsider.

In December 1986, Italsider decided to merge with Sirti , which was part of the IRI - STET group.

Nuova Italsider - formerly " Società Siderurgica Commerciale " based in Rome since 1949 as a subsidiary of Finsider and relocated to Genoa in 1980 with a new business purpose - was given back its own name Ilva SpA in January 1989 with the liquidation of the Finsider. In 1996 Ilva SpA was sold to the Riva Group .