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Jaroslav Serpan , actually: Iaroslav Sossountzov Serpan (born June 4, 1922 in Karlštejn , Czechoslovakia ; † May 12, 1976 in the Pyrenees , France ), was a Czech-French painter . He is one of the most important representatives of abstract painting after the Second World War . His main works are assigned to Informel and Lyrical Abstraction.


Ivan Jaroslav Serpan was on June 4, 1922 in Karlštejn in Prague as a child of Russian born parents. In 1927 he moved to Paris , where he originally studied mathematics and biology at the Sorbonne before moving to painting in 1940. He participated in the surrealism movement in Paris in the 1940s . Under the artistic influence of Antoni Tàpies , André Masson and Wols , Serpan developed his art towards Informel and lyrical abstraction . He consistently formulates his own visual language from spontaneously painted lines, which combine on the canvas to form organisms with different structures using an écriture automatique and which manifest themselves as fields of force for psychic improvisations. At the transition from the 1960s to the 1970s, Serpan's formal language gradually solidified and visual worlds increasingly emerged, which he designed into interstellar worlds using, in part, comic-like colorful shapes, products of his creative imagination. In his late work one can see a certain turn to Kandinsky's Little Worlds , which emerged from 1922 and marked a change in his work.

On May 12, 1976 Jaroslav Serpan went missing while on a mountain tour in the Pyrenees in the Ariège department. His body was found in May 1981.


As early as 1947, the Maeght Gallery in Paris showed the first works by Serpan in the exhibition Le Surréalisme en 1947. Exposition internationale du surréalisme . In November 1951, Paul Facchetti exhibited works by Serpan in his studio Paul Facchetti in Paris, which had opened a month earlier, together with pictures by Jean Fautrier , Jean Dubuffet , Georges Mathieu and Henri Michaux , in the important exhibition: " Les Signifiants de l´ Informel " organized by the art critic Michel Tapié . With that the term Informel was formulated. A year later, Tapié wrote another famous article, Un art autre: où il s'agit de nouveaux dávilages du réel , which was also followed by an exhibition at Facchetti, a detailed essay on Art informel ( informal art ). In 1959 Serpan participated in documenta 2 in Kassel . Via Paul Facchetti the artist met Margarete Lauter , a gallery owner from Mannheim. Serpan had been friends with her and her family since the mid-1960s. Together with Lauter, he realized several presentations in solo and group exhibitions. After his death, the Lauter Gallery organized further projects in cooperation with Lucienne Sossountzov, the artist's widow.


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