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Peter Jes Petersen (* 1936 in Trögelsby , Flensburg ; † April 1-2, 2006 in Berlin ) was a German gallery owner and publisher .


Petersen, the son of a farmer , discovered the literature and art of classical modernism at a young age - at a time, the 1950s , when many works, authors and painters had been forgotten. In Glücksburg he founded the publishing house Petersen Press , in which he books a. a. published by Raoul Hausmann and Franz Jung . When Petersen re-published the book Das Liebeskonzil by Oskar Panizza, originally published in 1894, in 1962 , the book was put on the index and Petersen was brought to trial for allegedly disseminating pornographic writings.

In Berlin Petersen worked as an assistant to the painter Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern . In 1977 he opened his gallery in Pestalozzistraße , where he exhibited the works of many young, still little-known artists, including Martin Kippenberger and Dorothy Iannone .

From 1987 he worked again as a publisher and brought u. a. Books by Aleister Crowley published . He was tried for cocaine trafficking in the 1990s ; Petersen was sentenced to several years in prison.

Petersen died on the night of April 1st, 2006 in Berlin.


Author (selection)

  • Piero Manzoni. Life and work. Petersen Press, Berlin 1969.
  • Jes Petersen's wondrous journey. Distillery, 2005. Edited by Andreas Hansen .

Editor (selection)

  • The horse ass view of Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern . Hanser, Munich 1972.
  • The automatic message . Petersen Press, Berlin 1977.
  • Strontium. Correspondence with Raoul Haussmann and Franz Jung. Basisdruck, Berlin 2001, ISBN 3-86163-113-X .

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