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Johann Heinrich Schmedding (born July 2, 1774 in Münster , † April 18, 1846 in Berlin ) was a German legal scholar , Prussian administrative officer and university professor .


Schmedding graduated from the Paulinum high school . He then began to study theology at the University of Münster . At the same time, he devoted himself to studying law, which would then become his main course. He completed this with the doctorate to Dr. iur. utr. at the University of Göttingen . He then returned to Münster and in 1796 became a public lawyer . During this time Franz von Fürstenberg became aware of him and ensured that he was allowed to teach canon law at the university .

Schmedding was appointed full professor of canon law at the University of Münster in 1800 . When Münster came to the Kingdom of Prussia in 1803 , Karl Freiherr vom Stein and Ludwig von Vincke became aware of him in his capacity as an administrator. In addition to his teaching activities, they promoted him to the council of the War and Domain Chamber in Münster . During the occupation by the French, he worked as a member of the provisional administrative college. In 1809 he was appointed to the Council of State in the field of culture in Berlin by Vincke. His job was to deal with Catholic clergy and school affairs, which were still disorganized after the secularization .

After moving to Berlin in 1811, Schmedding became a professor at the newly founded Berlin University , but gave up teaching as early as 1820, as the administrative work was more demanding on him. In 1812 he became a member of the examination commission for civil servants in higher administration, and in 1841, when a special department was set up in the Prussian Ministry of Culture for Catholic and Church affairs, he became a member. In this department he held the position of a Real Secret Higher Government Council with the title First Class Council. Among his employees was Joseph von Eichendorff .

A marble bust created in 1839 by the sculptor Wilhelm Achtermann is now in the tiled room of the St. Paulus Cathedral in Münster.

The University of Münster awarded him an honorary doctorate ( Dr. phil. Hc ) in 1845 . Anton Matthias Sprickmann was one of his friends .

Johann Heinrich Schmedding died in Berlin in 1846 at the age of 71 and was buried in the local St. Hedwig cemetery on Liesenstrasse . The tomb has not been preserved.


  • with Georg Kellermann and Johann Wilhelm Nergert (eds.): Prayer book intended for the use of bachelor-sodality in Münster , Münster 1793.
  • Hymns for the use of the Catholic community in Berlin (published anonymously without specifying place and year).
  • Spiritual songs by Dr. Johann Heinrich Schmedding, Real Secret Upper Government Council , Münster 1869 (published posthumously by his friends).


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