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John Casimir, Prince of Anhalt-Dessau (* 7. December 1596 in Dessau , † 15. September 1660 ) was a German prince of the House of Ascania .


Prince Johann Kasimir is the son of Prince Johann Georg I of Anhalt-Dessau and his second wife Dorothea von Pfalz-Simmern .

After the obligatory lessons from various private tutors, Johann Kasimir studied together with his cousin, who later became Prince Christian II of Anhalt-Bernburg , between 1608 and 1609 in Geneva ; mainly with her court master Markus Friedrich Wendelin , who accompanied her throughout the trip. Another companion of the two is their court master Peter von Sebottendorf . Here in Geneva, but also later at home in Zerbst , Prince Johann Kasimir published some Latin school speeches.

In 1617, when it was founded, Prince Ludwig I of Anhalt-Köthen accepted him into the Fruit-Bringing Society . As a company name is to him the pervading and as a motto burdened, but erwehret allotted. He is given a date tree as an emblem, and a room on it, if he complains, <Phoenix dactylifera L.>. The entry of Prince Johann Kasimirs can be found in the Koethen Society Register under no.10.

After taking office in 1618, Prince Johann Kasimir devoted himself almost exclusively to hunting and representative duties as regent at the Dessau court.

On May 18, 1623 he married Agnes von Hessen-Kassel , daughter of Landgrave Moritz von Hessen-Kassel . When his wife died on May 28, 1650, Prince Johann Kasimir married his cousin Sofie Margarete von Anhalt , a daughter of Prince Christian I von Anhalt-Bernburg, after the obligatory year of mourning .

A hunting accident on October 4, 1652 ties him to bed for many years. The poet Philipp von Zesen's stay in neighboring Priorau for several years offers him a welcome diversion .

Prince Johann Kasimir von Anhalt-Dessau died on September 15, 1660 in Dessau at the age of 64. His successor is his son Johann Georg II.


  • From the first marriage in 1623 with Agnes von Hessen-Kassel:
    • Moritz (1624-1624)
    • Dorothea (1625-1626)
    • Juliane (1626-1652)
    • Johann Georg II. (1627–1693), Prince of Anhalt-Dessau (1660–1693)
    • Luise (1631–1680) ⚭ 1648 Christian , Duke of Silesia in Liegnitz (1618–1672)
    • Agnes (1644-1644)
  • The second marriage in 1651 with his cousin Sofie Margarete von Anhalt-Bernburg remained childless.

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