Johann Georg II (Anhalt-Dessau)

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Johann Georg II., Prince of Anhalt-Dessau in splendid armor

Johann Georg II, Prince of Anhalt-Dessau (born November 17, 1627 in Dessau , † August 7, 1693 in Berlin ) from the House of Ascanians was the ruling Prince of Anhalt-Dessau .


He was the son of Prince Johann Casimir and Princess Agnes of Hessen-Kassel .

In 1659 he married Henriette Katharina , a daughter of Prince Friedrich Heinrich of Orange, and thereby became a brother-in-law of Elector Friedrich Wilhelm of Brandenburg .

After the death of his father (July 15, 1660) he took over the government in Anhalt-Dessau . He upheld the claims of his house on Aschersleben , which was left to Brandenburg in 1648 , and also ensured that he was eligible for it, but this had no practical significance.

He entered the Brandenburg military service, was appointed Field Marshal General by the Great Elector in 1670 and concluded the alliance between Emperor Leopold I and Brandenburg in Vienna in June 1672 . Both undertook to set up 12,000 men each under the order of the Elector in order to maintain the Peace of Westphalia . In 1674 the Great Elector gave him the governorship of the Mark, but he lacked the troops to prevent the Swedes from invading.

He then took part in the campaign of 1675 against Sweden, in 1679 he took over the Brandenburg Fargell regiment on foot . In 1683 he was sent to the Kaiser in Passau to hold out the prospect of Brandenburg's aid against the Turks , but to advise against a war against France. In general, he tried to consolidate the alliance between the Kaiser and Brandenburg.

Johann Georg II was a member of the Fruit Bringing Society under the company name Der Gefüllte . He died in Berlin on August 7, 1693. His successor was his son Leopold I , the old man from Dessauer


Johann Georg II married Henriette Catharina von Nassau-Oranien in 1659 . Of his ten children, five daughters and his successor Leopold I survived:

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