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Johannes Widmann (also: Johannes Weidemann , Weideman , Widman , Wideman ; * around 1460 in Eger , Bohemia ; † after 1498 in Leipzig ) was a lecturer at the University of Leipzig .

In the winter semester of 1480, Widmann was entered in the register of the University of Leipzig (as Iohannes Weideman de Egra ). For the degrees as Baccalaureus 1482 and Magister 1485, he was waived the fees because he was penniless.

Widmann became famous for his book Mercantile Arithmetic or Behende und hüpsche Rechenung auff allen Kauffmanschienste , published in Leipzig in 1489 . For the first time, the symbols + and - are used to indicate excess and deficiency, but not yet in the modern sense as plus and minus signs for the arithmetic operations of addition and subtraction ; this meaning was only to be introduced in 1518 by Heinrich Schreiber .

Mercantile Arithmetic (1489)

Its arithmetic book 1489 (printed in Leipzig at Konrad tiled stove) is the second oldest printed in Germany computing book after Bamberger arithmetic book by Ulrich Wagner (1482/83), and the third oldest printed arithmetic book at all. It was dedicated to Siegismund Altmann. Widmann's book was widely distributed and was reprinted in Pforzheim , Hagenau and Augsburg , among others, until 1526 . It was then overtaken by other arithmetic books such as those by Adam Ries and Jakob Köbel . According to Kurt Vogel, it surpassed its predecessors by far in terms of the number and breadth of calculation examples. As a source he used the Bamberg arithmetic book and the algorism Ratisbonensis , an arithmetic book that was created around 1450 in the Benedictine monastery of St. Emmeran in Regensburg.

His lecture on algebra 1486 is the first algebra lecture in Germany. Their content is known from student notes (obtained in manuscripts in Dresden, Vienna, Munich). There is also a manuscript in the possession of the Dresden State Library from Widmann's possession (Codex Dresdensis C 80), which contains texts on algebra, including a German algebra from 1471 and a Latin algebra, which served as the basis for his lecture. The lecture dealt with the 24 types of equations customary for the Cossists (algebra experts) at the time , but also as preparation for fractions and ratios.

Adam Ries got to know Widmann's book (and the Dresden manuscript with algebra texts from Widmann's possession, today Dresden State Library) in Georg Sturtz's library in Erfurt, where Ries was between 1518 and 1522. Ries took from the manuscript examples of his Coss (his algebra manuscript), but apparently (Kurt Vogel) did not know the identity of the author of the manuscript.

According to Kurt Vogel, in addition to his arithmetic book, he anonymously published Algorithmus integrorum cum probis annexis , Algorithmus linealis , Algorithmus minutiarum phisicarum , Algorithmus minutiarum vulgarium , Regula falsi apud philosophantes augmenti et decrementi appellata and Tractatus proportionum plusquam aureus . The writings probably appeared in Leipzig around 1495.


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