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Karl Röttel (born July 13, 1939 in Hannsdorf in Moravia ; † March 4, 2020 ) was a German teacher, local history researcher and boundary stone researcher.


After the expulsion, the Röttel family moved to Bavaria in 1946 with their four children - Karl was the eldest - and found a new home initially in Ensfeld ( Mörnsheim municipality ) and from 1958 in Wellheim . Karl Röttel attended grammar school with high school in Eichstätt ( Willibald grammar school since 1965 ), where he obtained his university entrance qualification. He studied mathematics and physics at the universities in Würzburg and Caen . He then studied psychology and education at the LMU Munich , where he did his doctorate. He was a teacher of mathematics and physics at the Willibald Gymnasium in Eichstätt and then at the municipal school until retirementHigh school e Ingolstadt . He was married to Hermine Röttel (1948–2017), a qualified pedagogue. Röttel lived in Buxheim , retired he moved to Eichstätt.

From 1969 to 1975 Röttel was an honorary curator of the Archaeological Museum at the Willibaldsburg Eichstätt .

Until his death, Röttel was chairman of the Natural and Cultural Science Society in Bavaria (NKG), which he founded in 1991 and edited its annual magazine Globulus (first published in 1992) with special volumes until 2019 . Röttel devoted himself particularly to the field monuments , in particular to boundary stone research . In addition to his publications in magazines and as monographs, he gave lectures and led excursions. He also edited the annual publication of the Association of Friends of the Willibald-Gymnasium Eichstätt e. V. Röttel was a member of the Federal Assembly of the Sudeten German Landsmannschaft until his death .



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