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Josef Cesar (* 1814 in Hernals ; † June 29, 1876 in Vienna ) was an Austrian sculptor and medalist .


Cesar was supposed to become a clergyman, but in 1829 at the age of 15 he started an apprenticeship with the art locksmith and engraver Wielthalm. From 1832 he learned sculpture at the Vienna Academy under Ludwig Schaller and Käßmann and then, under Ludwig Pichler's direction, devoted himself in particular to the art of coin and stone cutting . In 1836 he received the Imperial Prize and a scholarship for Rome , where he stayed until 1842 and made several commemorative coins. In 1845 he visited the most important mints in Germany , France and England at state expense , and since then has delivered masterful works and in 1848 became a member of the Vienna Academy. Towards the end of the 1840s, however, this subject was spoiled for him by bureaucratic tutelage, so that he preferred to devote himself to the larger sculpture and the arts and crafts. From 1856 he was a modeling professor at two secondary schools in Vienna. The Austrian sculptor Rudolf Weyr was one of Cesar's students.

Cesar's most important works are: the gold , silver and ivory cover for the Nibelungs , which Emperor Franz Joseph I gave to Queen Victoria in 1852 , the silver O'Donnell shield (1852), a silver centerpiece with a richly figured composition for the Archduke Leopold and the so-called golden book for the city of Vienna, an ore statue of St. Helena for Jerusalem (1854), the sandstone statues of Christopher Columbus and Adam Smith for the facade of the commercial academy (1862) and the marble statue of Fischer von Erlach on the Elisabeth Bridge in Vienna (1867). In addition, in 1868 Cesar made fifteen portrait medallions of famous actors in cement on the box parapets of the Court Opera.


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