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Josef Villiger (born March 17, 1910 in Oberrüti ; † May 6, 1992 in Baden ) was a Swiss dialect author from Freiamt in the canton of Aargau .

Villiger came from a farming family and grew up with his stepfather in Abtwil after the early death of his father . He attended the Mehrerau Latin School in Bregenz , then the teachers 'seminar in Zug and the Wettingen teachers' seminar . He was not allowed to study German studies for financial reasons. He taught as a teacher from 1933, first in Uezwil , then from 1936 until his retirement in 1973 in Niederrohrdorf . In addition to his work, Villiger devoted himself to literature and called himself a "dialect collector". He wrote poems, prose, collected words, wisdom and sayings of all kinds. In an amiable and witty way, he dealt critically with the world around him and its human-all-too-human. In 1979 he received honorary citizenship of the Niederrohrdorf community.


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