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Giuseppe Marie Clemens Dall'Abaco ( also: Joseph Clemens Ferdinand dall'Abaco ); (* March 27, 1710 in Brussels ; † August 31, 1805 in Arbizzano di Valpolicella , Province of Verona ) was an Italian cellist and composer .


Joseph Marie Clemens Dall'Abaco was born in Brussels in 1710 as the son of the composer Evaristo Dall'Abaco . He was closely related to Elector Joseph Clemens of Bavaria , who later became the godfather of Dall'Abaco's son. Joseph received his first music and cello lessons from his father. In his youth he went on a study trip to Venice and Northern Italy from Munich. After there was no vacancy for him in Munich, he was appointed court cellist at the electoral court in Bonn in 1729 by Elector Clemens August von Bayern . In 1738 he was appointed chamber music director and electoral council. In 1740 he toured London and a few other English cities. In 1749 he performed a concert piece for five cellos in Vienna. His time at the Bonn court ended abruptly in 1752 when his brother-in-law, War Commissioner Peter Cosman, ran away with the war chest. Another episode is also known. On December 1, 1752, the Elector Clemens August received an anonymous letter. In this, dall'Abaco is accused of planning a poison attack on the elector during an upcoming trip to Bavaria. A judicial investigation took place between January 8th and 19th, 1753. At the end of the investigation, neither the anonymous author of the letter could be found, nor dall'Abaco's guilt could be proven. Dall'Abaco then preferred to move to Verona, his father's hometown. Around 1765 he went to Arbizzano di Valpollicella where he spent the rest of his life. On September 22nd, 1766 he was awarded the title of baron by the Bavarian Elector.


In his time, Dall'Abaco was best known as a cellist, he wrote around 40 cello sonatas, 11 capriccios for solo cello, some of which have survived in the autograph, trio sonatas or orchestral trios and a cantata for the name of Elector Clemens August. The sonatas, which are kept in the gallant style, nevertheless have numerous baroque elements that he took over from his father.

In the Répertoire International des Sources Musicales RISM , 19 music editions by Joseph dall'Abacos are listed:

  • An opera without a title. According to Ulrich Iser, it was "probably performed on the occasion of the opening of the new theater in the gallery building of Bonn Palace in 1751/1752."
  • 16 sonatas for violoncello and basso continuo
  • 2 sonatas for 2 violoncellos

Nancy Weaver Monsman writes in her dissertation on the cello sonatas that only 16 sonatas for cello and basso continuo are known. 12 of them are in a manuscript in the British Library. Otherwise only 4 more are known. The sonatas are said to have been composed in the 1760s before 1766.

A manuscript of a Sinfonia a tre parte is in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.


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Sheet music editions

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  • Joseph Marie Clément Ferdinand Dall'Abaco, Capricci for violoncello solo. 1st edition edited by Christian Bellisario, Daniele Bianchi and Andrea Friggi. Urtext. The White Prince Edition WPE 103. ISMN M-700269-00-5


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