Cabinet Leutheusser II

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The Leutheußer II cabinet formed the state government of Thuringia from April 30, 1927 to August 22, 1928. It was in office until November 5, 1928.

Office Surname Political party
Senior Minister of State Richard Leutheußer DVP
Deputy to the Chief Minister of State Arnold Paulssen DDP
Interior Arnold Paulssen DDP
Judiciary Richard Leutheußer DVP
Finances Wilhelm Toelle VRP
economy Arnold Paulssen DDP
Popular education Richard Leutheußer DVP
State Council
(for Gotha )
Hugo Woenne WP
State Council
(for Rudolstadt )
Erich Mackeldey Landbund
State Council
(for Meiningen )
Ernst Hermann Glöckner DDP
State Council
(for Altenburg )
Louis Krause WP
State Council
(for Reuss )
Erich Port Landbund

Individual proof

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