Meyer's I cabinet

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The Cabinet Meyers I formed of 24 July 1958 to 26 July 1962, the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia .

Office Surname Political party
Prime Minister Franz Meyers CDU
Deputy Prime Minister Artur Strater CDU
Interior Josef Hermann Dufhues CDU
Finances Artur Sträter (until August 9, 1960)
Joseph Pütz (from August 9, 1960)
Judiciary Otto Flehinghaus CDU
Cult Werner Schütz CDU
Food, Agriculture and Forestry Gustav Niermann CDU
Federal affairs Franz Meyers (until October 12, 1959)
Johann Ernst (October 12, 1959 - August 9, 1960)
Artur Sträter (from August 9, 1960)
Reconstruction (until May 1, 1961)
State planning, housing construction and public works (from May 1, 1961)
Peter Erkens CDU
Work and social Johann Ernst (until October 12, 1959)
Konrad Grundmann (from October 12, 1959)
Economy, medium-sized businesses and transport Hans Lauscher CDU