Canton of Fricktal

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Coat of arms of the canton of Fricktal, today the municipality of Schupfart
Fricktaler coat of arms, painted in the Alte Kanti Aarau

The canton of Fricktal was a canton of the Helvetic Republic . It was formed from areas of what was then Upper Austria and consisted of today's Aargau districts of Rheinfelden and Laufenburg (excluding the area of ​​the former municipality of Hottwil , which was part of the Brugg district until its merger ). The canton existed from 1802 to 1803 .

At the end of the 18th century, the Breisgau was still part of the Habsburg province of Front Austria . The Fricktal , south of the Rhine , was one of them. In 1799, one year after the proclamation of the Helvetic Republic , the French troops also marched into the Fricktal. The brothers Karl Fahrländer and Sebastian Fahrländer from Ettenheim as well as some colleagues were able to establish an independent canton of Fricktal thanks to good relationships with leading French and Swiss politicians. They relied on the peace treaties of Campo Formio (1797) and Lunéville (1801), which provided just that.

In December 1801 a constitution was written in the rectory of Eiken . On February 20, 1802, the new canton was finally proclaimed. Laufenburg was chosen as the capital . However, the impetuous approach of the governor Sebastian Fahrländer met with criticism. His opponent Johann Baptist Jehle called the community representatives together in the Gasthaus Adler in Frick on September 22, 1802 and declared the governor to be deposed. The capital was then moved to Rheinfelden .

Despite intensive diplomatic efforts by the Fricktal, the canton ceased to exist on February 19, 1803. On March 19, Napoleon Bonaparte ordered the merger with the cantons of Aargau and Baden in the mediation act .


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