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Karl Gustav Andresen (born June 1, 1813 in Uetersen ; † May 25, 1891 in Bonn ) was a German specialist in German .


Karl Andresen attended the Christianeum in Altona until 1833 and then studied philosophy at the University of Kiel . From 1839 to 1852 he held a position as a collaborator and teacher at his former school, the Christianeum. After his release at his own request, he worked as a private tutor in various places.

From 1858 to 1865 Andresen accepted a position as senior teacher and prorector in Mülheim an der Ruhr . He then moved to Bonn, where he qualified as a private lecturer in 1870 and was appointed associate professor in 1874.

Karl Andresen died a week before his 78th birthday in Bonn and found his final resting place there.

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