Cleombrotos I.

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Cleombrotus I († 371 BC , presumably on August 5th ) was the son of Pausanias and a Spartan king from the Agiads .

Accession to the throne

After his father 395 BC. . Chr from allegations of corruption Sparta had fled Cleombrotus' brother was Agesipolis his successor. Since they were both still children, they were initially under the tutelage of Aristodemus . As Agesipolis 380 BC Chr. Died childless, Cleombrotus was himself king. Nothing is known about an independent political activity of Cleombrotus - he was completely in the shadow of his fellow-king Agesilaus II.

First campaign against Thebes

In the spring of 378 BC In BC Cleombrotus was sent out by the Ephors as a military leader against Thebes. He succeeded without major problems in overpowering the contingent guarding the pass at Kithairon and penetrating Boeotia . He camped in Theban territory for sixteen days. After that he went to Thespiai without further measures and left Sphoridas there with part of his armed force as harmost . The soldiers were amazed at Cleombroto's actions and wondered whether they were at war or peace. On the way back, the entourage got caught in a storm and many pack donkeys were lost in the mountains. Kleombrotos' inaction also met with incomprehension at home. For this reason, Agesilaus II was appointed as military leader for the next two expeditions.

Second campaign against Thebes

376 BC Chr. , Was diagnosed as Agesilaos, they trusted the army leadership to Cleombrotus again. He advanced to the kithairon and assigned the Peltasts to clear the guards at the pass. However, they met with strong resistance. When 40 of them fell, Cleombrotos decided to return to Sparta. This failure increased suspicions about Cleombrotus.

Intervention in Phocis

In the spring of 374 BC BC the Thebans invaded Phocis. Cleombrotos crossed the Gulf of Corinth with four regiments and corresponding units of the allies . When the Thebans heard of his arrival, they withdrew to Boeotia. Cleombrotos remained until 371 BC. BC there.

Third campaign against Thebes

After the peace treaty with Athens , Cleombrotus received the order to take to the field against Thebes. He handled the ball Koroneia that of Epaminondas was occupied, and conquered first the port city Kreusis and 12 lying there triremes . Now he marched towards Thebes and met the Theban army at Leuktra , which were led by the generals Epaminondas and Pelopidas . Archidamos , son of Agesilaus, came to his aid from Sparta . The battle came and among the first to fall was Cleombrotus. It became a debacle for the Spartan Army ; while they suffered losses of 1,000 soldiers, only 47 fell on the Theban side.

With this defeat the Spartan supremacy in Greece ended. Cleombroto's successor was his eldest son, Agesipolis . His younger son was Cleomenes .

predecessor Office successor
Agesipolis I. King of Sparta
380–371 BC Chr.
Agesipolis II.