371 BC Chr.

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371 BC Chr.
Battle of Leuktra
Thebes general Epaminondas defeats the Spartan army
in the battle of Leuctra .
371 BC In other calendars
Buddhist calendar 173/174 (southern Buddhism); 172/173 (alternative calculation according to Buddha's Parinirvana )
Chinese calendar 38th (39th) cycle , year of the metal dog庚戌 ( at the beginning of the year Earth-Rooster 己酉)
Greek calendar 1./2. Year of the 102nd Olympiad
Jewish calendar 3390/91
Roman calendar from urbe condita CCCLXXXIII (383)


Politics and world events


Greece during the hegemony of Thebes 371-362 BC Chr.

Thebes refusal to comply with the General Peace of 375 BC Chr. The Boeotian federal dissolve leads on July 5 for battle of Leuctra against the Spartan phalanx . The Theban general Epaminondas leads the Boeoten to victory by using a crooked order of battle . The Spartan King Cleombrotus I is killed. The sacred band led by Pelopidas also played a major role in the victory . The battle marks the end of Spartan domination in the Peloponnese and the beginning of the brief Theban hegemony .

  • Agesipolis II becomes the new king of the Spartan Agiad dynasty.
  • Epaminondas instigates the establishment of Megalopolis in Arcadia , where the inhabitants of 40 surrounding places are settled, in order to create a political counterbalance to Sparta.


  • Vahan succeeds Bagam to the throne of Armenia .
  • Han Wen becomes the new margrave of the Chinese Han Empire .

science and technology

Aristotle and Ephorus observe a comet estimated to be 100 km in diameter, which breaks in two. This could be the origin of the Kreutz group .


  • around 370 BC Chr .: Mengzi , Chinese philosopher († around 290 BC )


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