362 BC Chr.

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362 BC Chr.
Greece at the time of the hegemony of Thebes, 371–362 BC  Chr.
With the death of Epaminondas in the Second Battle of Mantineia , the hegemony of Thebes in Greece ends .
362 BC In other calendars
Buddhist calendar 182/183 (southern Buddhism); 181/182 (alternative calculation according to Buddha's Parinirvana )
Chinese calendar 38th (39th) cycle , year of the earth-sheep己未 ( at the beginning of the year earth-horse 戊午)
Greek calendar 2nd / 3rd Year of the 104th Olympiad
Jewish calendar 3399/3400
Roman calendar from urbe condita CCCXCII (392)



The superiority of Thebes in the Greek region leads to the Second Battle of Mantineia on July 3rd against an alliance of Athens , Sparta and several Arcadian cities. In the fighting, from which neither side emerges as a clear winner, Theben's outstanding general Epaminondas is killed.

Following the Battle of Mantineia, the general peace of the Greek cities was renewed. Messenia remains independent, the Arcadian League remains split into a north and a south half, and the status quo is maintained for the rest. Sparta does not join the peace. For the first time in several decades, Greece is going through a lengthy phase without war.

Egypt / Persian Empire

Coin of the datame

Roman Republic

  • According to a Roman folklore, the soldier Marcus Curtius dies a sacrificial death after a deep rift has opened in the Roman Forum . The gap closes after Curtius fell into the depths with his horse. The Lacus Curtius is later named after this legend .



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