Igny Monastery

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Igny Cistercian Abbey
Buildings preserved from the old abbey up to the First World War
Buildings preserved from the old abbey up to the First World War
location France
region Grand Est
Marne department
Lies in the diocese Archdiocese of Reims
Coordinates: 49 ° 12 '36 "  N , 3 ° 41' 7"  E Coordinates: 49 ° 12 '36 "  N , 3 ° 41' 7"  E
Serial number
according to Janauschek
Patronage St. Mary
founding year 1126
Year of dissolution /
Year of repopulation 1929
Mother monastery Clairvaux Monastery
Primary Abbey Clairvaux Monastery

Daughter monasteries

Monastery Valroy Monastery

The monastery Igny (lat. Ignacium / Abbatia BM de Ignacio ) is a Trappist - abbey and former Cistercian abbey in the town of Arcis-le-Ponsart in the department of Marne region Grand Est , in France , on the border of Aisne . It is about 14 km south of Fismes .


The monastery was founded in 1126 on a site donated by Renaud de Martigny des Prés, the Archbishop of Reims , as the fifth daughter monastery of the Clairvaux Primary Abbey . The direct subsidiaries of the Signy Monastery and the Valroy Monastery were founded by him. The monastery, which at times had more than 300 monks and was wealthy with more than 5000 hectares of land and owned a number of grangia, flourished for a long time. The second abbot , Guerric , wrote sermons reflecting the Cistercian doctrine. In 1177 Abbot Gerhard von Clairvaux was murdered by a monk during a visitation to Igny Monastery. In 1545 the monastery fell into Kommende and experienced its decline until it was dissolved in the French Revolution . In 1733 the 14th century abbey church was torn down and replaced by a new church, the construction of which lasted until 1789. After the Trappists moved in in 1875, the abbey was rebuilt in 1878 and existed until 1903. During the First World War it was converted into a military hospital and during the war it was reduced to rubble. In 1929 the monastery was reoccupied by Trappist women who came from the monastery of La Coudre-Laval (Mayenne department), under whom the reconstruction took place. After being enlarged accordingly, the monastery took in the remaining nuns of the dissolved monasteries Belval , La Grâce-Dieu and Ubexy in 2012 and has been called Abbaye du Val d'Igny ever since .

The new abbey

Buildings and plant

The grangie from Montaon

The ground plan of the old abbey was revealed during excavations in 1962. The current building of the new abbey is an imposing neo-Gothic reconstruction. The Grangie from Montaon in Dravegny has been preserved .


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