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Konrad I , also Konrad von Steinach († April 13, 1171 ) was Bishop of Worms from 1150 to 1171 and had today's nave of Worms Cathedral built.

Origin and family

He came from the Odenwald noble family von Steinach, who later called themselves Landschad von Steinach . His brother was Bligger I. von Steinach, his nephew Bligger II. Von Steinach was known as a minstrel .

Live and act

Konrad I von Steinach had close ties to Count Palatine Gottfried von Calw from an early age and through him came to the court of Emperor Heinrich V. Also the court and imperial politics of King Konrad III. and from Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa the Steinacher remained connected. The former appointed him Bishop of Worms in February 1150. He took part in various court days of both rulers and served in the army on Barbarossa's first and second train to Italy. The emperor also came to see him in Worms more often.

Worms Cathedral, nave from the north

Bishop Konrad von Steinach continued the new construction of the Worms Cathedral, which his predecessor Burchard II had begun around 1130. That is where the east works comes from; Konrad von Steinach had the three-aisled nave built between 1160 and 1170. His successor Konrad II completed the construction with the new westwork around 1181.

Konrad von Steinach promoted the Schönau monastery founded by his predecessor and gave him other goods. Already in the deed of foundation of 1142 he appeared with his brother as a witness.

He died in 1171 and was buried in Worms Cathedral. Frequently rumored reports of his death in the Orient and his burial in Tire are apparently based on a mix-up. Friedrich Zorn handed down the grave inscription in the Worms Chronicle .


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