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The Kingdom of Burgundy in the 10th century

Conrad III. the peacemaker - according to another count, Conrad I - († October 19, 993 , buried in the Abbey of Saint-André-de-Bas in Vienne ) was King of Burgundy from 937 until his death .

Konrad was the son and heir to the throne of Rudolf II. He was the brother of Adelheid and was elected and crowned in Lausanne as a minor.

After Rudolf II's death in 937 , Hugo , King of Italy, raised claims to Burgundy against him , as his son Lothar Konrad's sister Adelheid had been promised. Konrad III was against these claims. Protected by the Saxon Duke and East Franconian King Otto I by having the successor brought to his court in Saxony before Hugo's arrival in Burgundy in December 937, thus securing his inheritance for him.

After the murder of Adelheid's husband Lothar II. 950 and their imprisonment by the new Italian King Berengar II. , The conquest of Italy by Otto I and his marriage to Adelheid in 951, her brother Konrad III. the possession of Niederburgund, which his father Rudolf II had already taken over from 930, is finally confirmed.

Conrad III. was married at least twice. With Adelana, who died before March 23, 963, he had two children: Kuno († after 966) and Gisela († July 21, 1007), the wife of Duke Heinrich the Quarrel of Bavaria .

From around 964 he was married to Mathilde (* late 943; † January 26/27, 981/982), the daughter of King Ludwig IV of West Franconia . With her he had the son Rudolf III. as well as the daughters Gerberga , Bertha and Mathilde.

In addition, he had a relationship with Aldiud, Anselm's wife, the son, Burchard (Bouchard) († June 22, 1030 or 1031) the 953 provost of Saint-Maurice-d'Agaune , and from 978 Archbishop of Lyon . On his mother's side, Burchard von Lyon was the half-brother of Anselm Bishop of Aosta , Burchard (Bouchard), Archbishop of Vienne , and Udalrich, the bailiff of the Church of Vienne .

During Konrad's reign, the empire suffered from the invasions of the Hungarians and the feuds and predatory wars of the great powers. The Saracens also use the power vacuum to raid the north of Burgundy, looting the monastery of St. Maurice in the lower Valais in 939 . But in 975 it was possible to end Islamic rule in Provence.

Conrad III. died in 993 and was buried in the Abbey of Saint-André-de-Bas . His successor was his son Rudolf III.


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