Warrior of the light

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German title Warrior of the light
Original title Fading of the Cries
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2010
length 90 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Brian A. Metcalf
script Brian A. Metcalf
production Karoline Kautz
Brian A. Metcalf
Thomas Ian Nicholas
music Nathaniel Levisay
camera Brad Rushing
cut Jeff Smith

Warriors of the Light (Original title: Fading of the Cries ) is an American horror / fantasy film directed by Brian A. Metcalf from 2010.


The film runs in three time levels, which are shown alternately. To make them easier to understand, they are told in chronological order:

After the novelist Michael lost his wife and daughter in a tragic accident, he moved into an old mansion to get over her death and come up with new ideas for his next novel. One night he finds an old magic book and a rune stone , both of which belong to the necromancer Mathias. With the utensils he practices black magic and conjures up demons. When the power rises to his head, he decides to bequeath the rune to his little niece Jill. Shortly afterwards he is killed by Mathias and his family is cursed for all time.

Jacob moves into the old mansion with his family. When he comes home one day, he sees Mathias killing his family. He too is attacked by the demons and loses his life. However, he comes back to the world armed with an ancient sword and now watches over the place as a kind of protective magic.

In the present: Sarah, a rebellious teenager, lives with her alcoholic mother Maggie and little sister Jill. After an argument with her mother, she takes the rune and meets with her friend. At this moment, zombies populate the streets of the small town. Jacob appears and helps her escape. Together they flee from the zombie hordes and have to fight against Mathias' demons. Mathias kidnaps Jill and demands the rune back from Sarah. Now Jacob goes alone to the old mansion and tries to put an end to the necromancer. He can free Jill and destroy the runestone, but it's too late for Sarah and her mother. You will be killed by the zombies. Jacob goes back to the manor house and decides to torture the necromancer, who is still immortal but robbed of all his power, to infinity.


In Warrior of Light is the feature film debut of director Brian A. Metcalf. The film was shot in 2010 in the greater Los Angeles area , including in Woodland Hills , Pasadena and the Disney Golden Oak Ranch ( Santa Clarita ). Director Brian A. Metcalf stated that the basic idea of Warriors of Light had been around since childhood. The story grew over the years. The character drawing is based on people he knew personally.

The film was released in Germany on August 11, 2011 on DVD and Blu-Ray. A loan version was published beforehand.


The lexicon of international film states that film “offers a lot visually, but gives away at least as much through the wooden dialogues”. Variety rated the film as “a bad mix of supernatural ingredients and different genre elements that don't go together. Old hammer films , Romero- like zombies, necromancy in the style of dance of the devils and sword-and-sorcery elements with incredibly bad-looking special effects […] ”.

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