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The Hammer films were produced by the British film company Hammer Films in the 1930s to early 1980s . After a break of more than 20 years, the legendary studios were reanimated in 2007 under new management. The films are mostly in horror or science fiction - genre from.

Film production

Actor Christopher Lee gained notoriety through his work with Hammer Films

Numerous film classics such as the Dracula film adaptations with Christopher Lee , who alongside Peter Cushing was one of the production company's regular actors, are great productions.

Hammer Films was the first film company to combine the British gothic tradition with the bloody atrocities of the French Théâtre du Grand-Guignol . With this explicit representation of bloody details, Hammer introduced the first major genre innovation since the horror films of the 1930s, in which, in contrast to the Hammer films, few bloody details were shown.

One of the company's earliest films was the 1935 version of a story about the ghost ship " Mary Celeste " directed by Denison Clift under the title The Mystery of the Mary Celeste . Among the participants was Dracula actor Bela Lugosi , who played the role of Anton Lorenzen and whose role alludes to the actual crew member Volkert Lorenzen . The film received poor reviews.

Hammer Films established its reputation as a specialist in horror films in 1957 with the colored remake of the Frankenstein material based on Mary Shelley . In the search for new material, the company noticed that no classic horror film had been made for almost 15 years and that all previous horror films were only available in black and white. The Frankenstein story was moved to the Victorian Age , and Christopher Lee, who was still relatively unknown at the time, was hired to portray Frankenstein's monster, but for legal reasons he was not allowed to portray Boris Karloff in the most famous film adaptation of Frankenstein from 1931 ( with his new mask, however, corresponded more to the book than Karloff) and the plot focused more on the person of the " crazy scientist " Frankenstein (Peter Cushing) himself. The concept of Frankenstein's curse ( The Curse of Frankenstein , 1957) was successful, so that just one year later Frankenstein's revenge ( The Revenge of Frankenstein , 1958) was brought to the cinemas and received five more epigones over the years . However, Lee became known through the role of Count Dracula, to whom he gave a completely new profile. His height, piercing eyes and ghostly facial expressions alone made him the symbol and figurehead of the Hammer productions. What is remarkable about the hammer films is the use of different color filters in front of the actual camera lens in order to intensify the threatening scenery. Another feature of the Hammer films is that the viewer is given a lot of space when interpreting the so-called horror scenes. You rely on the audience's own imagination to be greater than what you can show.

In 1979, Hammer Film Productions released the last film for the time being with the thriller Deadly Message . The film's financial failure led to the company's bankruptcy.

In the 2000s a reactivation of Hammer Films was announced several times . In 2007, Dutch producer John de Mol took over the company and announced the production of a new horror film in September 2008. The film The Resident , with which Christopher Lee also celebrates his comeback as a hammer actor, was released at the end of 2010.

The company is often mistakenly referred to as Hammer Studios , but Hammer is just the name of the production company. The small studio facility, which Hammer owned until 1970 and in which most of the films from the period were made, is called Bray Studios and is located in London near the banks of the Thames, near Windsor . However, filming also takes place in the larger Elstree and Pinewood studios .

Numerous great films are available on VHS and DVD . Between 2002 and 2004, the Warner and Anolis labels released a series of great films for the first time on DVD. Koch Media has been bringing unpublished films and new editions onto the market since 2007. Some of the soundtracks for the Hammer films have also been released on CD . On March 21, 2012, Hammer Films released The Hammer ScreamBoard App for the iPhone.


year German title Original title Director main actor
1935 The Mystery of the Mary Celeste The Mystery of the Mary Celeste Denison Clift Bela Lugosi , Shirley Gray , Arthur Margetson
1948 Dick Barton - secret agent Dick Barton, special agent Alfred Gouling Don Stannard , George Ford , Gillian Maude
1949 Dick Barton - Secret Wave 505 Dick Barton Strikes Back Godfrey Grayson Don Stannard , Sebastian Cabot , Jean Lodge
1950 Dick Barton and the Death Ray Dick Barton at Bay Godfrey Grayson Don Stannard , Tamara Desni , George Ford
1951 Cloudburst Cloudburst Francis Searle Robert Preston , Elizabeth Sellars , Colin Tapley
1952 Blackmailer The Last Page Terence Fisher George Brent , Marguerite Chapman , Raymond Huntley
1952 There is no trace of the perpetrator Lady in the Fog Sam Newfield Cesar Romero , Lois Maxwell , Bernadette O'Farrell
1953 Devil in blonde The Flanagan Boy Reginald LeBorg Barbara Payton , Frederick Valk , John Slater
1953 Death roulette The Saint's Return Seymour Friedman Louis Hayward , Naomi Chance , Sydney Tafler
1953 Four Sided Triangle Four Sided Triangle Terence Fisher Barbara Payton , James Hayter , John Van Eyssen
1953 Spaceways Spaceways Terence Fisher Howard Duff , Eva Bartok , Alan Wheatley
1953 Blood Orange Blood Orange Terence Fisher Tom Conway , Mila Parély , Naomi Chance
1954 The gangster syndicate 36 hours Montgomery Tully Dan Duryea , Elsie Albin , Gudrun Ure
1954 Robin Hood, the red avenger The Men of Sherwood Forest Val Guest Don Taylor , Reginald Beckwith , Eileen Moore
1955 Spy network Hamburg Break in the circle Val Guest Forrest Tucker , Eva Bartok , Marius Goring
1955 shock The Quatermass Xperiment Val Guest Brian Donlevy , Jack Warner , Margia Dean
1956 XX unknown X: The Unknown Leslie Norman Dean Jagger , Edward Chapman , Leo McKern
1957 Enemies out of nowhere Quatermass 2 Val Guest Brian Donlevy , John Longden , Sidney James
1957 Steel bayonet The Steel Bayonet Michael Carreras Leo Genn , Kieron Moore , Michael Medwin
1957 Frankenstein's curse The Curse of Frankenstein Terence Fisher Peter Cushing , Hazel Court , Christopher Lee
1957 Yeti, the snowman The Abominable Snowman Val Guest Peter Cushing , Forrest Tucker , Maureen Connell
1958 Always trouble in the army Up the creek Val Guest David Tomlinson , Peter Sellers , Wilfrid Hyde-White
1958 The yellow hell The Camp of Blood Island Val Guest André Morell , Carl Möhner , Walter Fitzgerald
1958 The snorkel The snorkel Guy Green Peter van Eyck , Betta St. John , Mandy Miller
1958 Dracula Horror of Dracula Terence Fisher Christopher Lee , Peter Cushing , Michael Gough
1958 Frankenstein's revenge The Revenge of Frankenstein Terence Fisher Peter Cushing , Francis Matthews , Eunice Gayson
1958 More trouble in the army Further Up the Creek Val Guest David Tomlinson , Frankie Howerd , Shirley Eaton
1959 The Baskerville Dog The Hound of the Baskervilles Terence Fisher Peter Cushing , André Morell , Christopher Lee
1959 Outwitted death The Man Who Could Cheat Death Terence Fisher Anton Diffring , Hazel Court , Christopher Lee
1959 Yesterday's enemies Yesterday's Enemy Val Guest Stanley Baker , Guy Rolfe , Leo McKern
1959 Hell in front of us Ten seconds to hell Robert Aldrich Jack Palance , Jeff Chandler , Martine Carol
1959 The revenge of the pharaohs The mummy Terence Fisher Peter Cushing , Christopher Lee , Yvonne Furneaux
1959 The stranglers of Bombay The Stranglers of Bombay Terence Fisher Guy Rolfe , Allan Cuthbertson , Marie Devereux
1960 Don't trust a stranger Never Take Sweets from a Stranger Dyril Frankel Gwen Watford , Patrick Allen , Felix Aylmer
1960 Chase Hell is a city Val Guest Stanley Baker , John Crawford , Donald Pleasence
1960 Stroke 12 in London The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll Terence Fisher Paul Massie , Dawn Addams , Christopher Lee
1960 Dracula and his brides The Brides of Dracula Terence Fisher Peter Cushing , Yvonne Monlaur , David Peel
1960 Terror of the Tongs The Terror of the Tongs Anthony Bushell Geoffrey Toone , Christopher Lee , Yvonne Monlaur
1960 The invisible shadow The full treatment Val Guest Claude Dauphin , Diane Cilento , Ronald Lewis
1960 The sword of Robin Hood Sword of Sherwood Forest Terence Fisher Richard Greene , Peter Cushing , Sarah Branch
1960 Once to China and back Visa to Canton Michael Carreras Richard Basehart , Lisa Gastoni , Athene Seyler
1961 Cash on Demand Quentin Lawrence Peter Cushing , André Morell , Richard Vernon
1961 The curse of Siniestro The Curse of the Werewolf Terence Fisher Oliver Reed , Yvonne Romain , Clifford Evans ,
1961 A dead person plays the piano Taste of Fear Seth Holt Susan Strasberg , Christopher Lee , Ann Todd
1961 Shadow of a cat The Shadow of the Cat John Gilling Conrad Phillips , André Morell , Barbara Shelley
1962 You are damned The Damned Joseph Losey Macdonald Carey , Shirley Anne Field , Oliver Reed
1962 Pirates from the river of death The Pirates of Blood River John Gilling Kerwin Mathews , Christopher Lee , Oliver Reed
1962 Captain Clegg's gang Captain Clegg Peter Graham Scott Peter Cushing , Yvonne Romain , Oliver Reed
1962 The mystery of the eerie mask The Phantom of the Opera Terence Fisher Herbert Lom , Heather Sears , Michael Gough
1962 The old dark house The Old Dark House William Castle Tom Poston , Robert Morley , Janette Scott
1962 The cooked ones Maniac Michael Carreras Kerwin Mathews , Nadia Gray , Donald Houston
1962 House of horror Paranoiac Freddie Francis Janette Scott , Oliver Reed , Sheila Burrell
1962 The vampire's kiss The Kiss of the Vampire Don Sharp Edward de Souza , Nowel Willman , Edward de Souza
1963 The long eyelashed Satan Nightmare Freddie Francis David Night , Moira Redmond , Jennie Linden
1963 The scarlet blade The Scarlet Blade John Gilling Lionel Jeffries , Oliver Reed , Jack Hedley
1963 The devil pirates The Devil-Ship Pirates Don Sharp Christopher Lee , Suzan Farmer , Andrew Keir
1963 Frankenstein's monster The Evil of Frankenstein Freddie Francis Peter Cushing , Sandor Eles , Katy Wild
1964 The burning eyes of Bartimore Castle The Gorgon Terence Fisher Peter Cushing , Christopher Lee , Barbara Shelley
1964 Pharaoh's revenge The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb Michael Carreras Terence Morgan , Roland Howard , Fred Clark
1964 Ruler of the desert She Robert Day Ursula Andress , Peter Cushing , Christopher Lee
1964 The secret of the blood island The Secret of Blood Island Quentin Lawrence Jack Hedley , Barbara Shelley , Patrick Wymark
1964 The gloomy house Fanatic Silvio Narizzano Tallulah Bankhead , Stefanie Powers , Donald Sutherland
1964 The last of Fort Kandahar The Brigand of Kandahar John Gilling Ronald Lewis , Oliver Reed , Duncan Lamont
1965 Was It Really Murder? The nanny Seth Holt Bette Davis , Wendy Craig , Jill Bennett
1965 Blood for Dracula Dracula: Prince of Darkness Terence Fisher Christopher Lee , Barbara Shelley , Andrew Keir
1965 Rasputin - the mad monk Rasputin: The Mad Monk Don Sharp Christopher Lee , Barbara Shelley , Renée Asherson
1965 Nights of horror The Plague of the Zombies John Gilling John Carson , Jacqueline Pearce , André Morell
1965 The black reptile The Reptile John Gilling Jacqueline Pearce , Noel Willman , Jennifer Daniel
1966 A million years before our time One Million Years BC Don Chaffey Raquel Welch , John Richardson , Martine Beswick
1966 The slave of the Amazons Slave girls Michael Carreras Martine Beswick , Edina Roney , Michael Latimer
1966 The devil dances at midnight The Witches Cyril Frankel Joan Fontaine , Kay Walsh , Alex McCowen
1966 Queen of the Vikings The Viking Queen Don Chaffey Don Murray , Andrew Keir , Adrienne Corri
1966 Frankenstein created a woman Frankenstein created woman Terence Fisher Peter Cushing , Susan Denberg , Robert Morris
1966 The curse of the mummy The Mummy's Shroud John Gilling André Morell , Maggie Kimberly , John Phillips
1967 The green blood of demons Quatermass and the Pit Roy Ward Baker Andrew Keir , Barbara Shelley , James Donald
1967 Robin Hood, the freedom hero A Challenge for Robin Hood CM Pennington-Richards Barrie Ingham , Peter Blythe , John Arnatt
1967 The lethal injection The Anniversary Roy Ward Baker & Alvin Rakoff Bette Davis , Sheila Hancock , Jack Hedley
1967 Young, blonde and deadly The Vengeance of She Cliff Owen John Richardson , Olga Schoberová , Edward Judd
1967 The Devil's Bride The Devil Rides Out Terence Fisher Christopher Lee , Charles Gray , Patrick Mower
1967 Beasts lurk outside Caracas The Lost Continent Michael Carreras Eric Porter , Hildegard Knef , Suzanna Leigh
1968 Dracula's return Dracula Has Risen From The Grave Freddie Francis Christopher Lee , Rupert Davies , Veronica Carlson
1969 Frankenstein must die! Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed Terence Fisher Peter Cushing , Veronica Carlson , Freddie Jones
1969 Bandits on the moon Moon Zero Two Roy Ward Baker James Olson , Catherine Schell , Warren Mitchell
1969 Crescendo - The handwriting of Satan crescendo Alan Gibson Stefanie Powers , James Olson , Margaretta Scott
1970 What does Dracula's blood taste like? Taste the Blood of Dracula Peter Sasdy Christopher Lee , Linda Hayden , Geoffrey Keen
1970 Crypt of the vampires The Vampire Lovers Roy Ward Baker Ingrid Pitt , Madeline Smith , Peter Cushing
1970 Frankenstein's horror The Horror of Frankenstein Jimmy Sangster Ralph Bates , David Prowse , Dennis Price
1970 Dracula - Nights of Horror Scars of Dracula Roy Ward Baker Christopher Lee , Patrick Troughton , Anoushka Hempel
1970 When dinosaurs ruled the earth When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth Val Guest Victoria Vetri , Robin Hawdon , Patrick Allen
1970 Sex 6 million years ago Creatures the World Forgot Don Chaffey Julie Ege , Brian O'Shaughnessy , Tony Bonner
1970 Comtesse of horror Countess Dracula Peter Sasdy Ingrid Pitt , Nigel Green , Lesley-Anne Down
1971 Only vampires kiss bloody Lust for a vampire Jimmy Sangster Yutte Stensgaard , Ralph Bates , Mike Raven
1971 The tomb of the bloody mummy Blood from the Mummy's Tomb Seth Holt & Michael Carreras Andrew Keir , Valerie Leon , James Villiers
1971 Hands full of blood Hands of the ripper Peter Sasdy Eric Porter , Angharad Rees , Jane Merrow
1971 Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde Roy Ward Baker Ralph Bates , Martine Beswick , Susan Broderick
1971 Riot in the bus depot On the buses Harry Booth Reg Varney , Doris Hare , Michael Robbins
1971 Dracula's witch hunt Twins of Evil John Hough Madeleine Collinson , Mary Collinson , Damien Thomas , Peter Cushing
1971 The Fear - fear in the night Fear in the night Jimmy Sangster Joan Collins , Judy Geeson , Ralph Bates , Peter Cushing
1971 Mutiny in the bus Mutiny on the buses Harry Booth Reg Varney , Doris Hare , Michael Robbins
1971 Circus of the Vampires Vampire Circus Robert Young Anthony Higgins , Adrienne Corri , Lynne Frederick
1971 Demons of the soul Demons of the Mind Peter Sykes Robert Hardy , Shane Briant , Patrick Magee
1971 Before morning comes Straight on till morning Peter Collinson Rita Tushingham , Shane Briant , Katya Wyeth
1972 Dracula chases mini girls Dracula AD 1972 Alan Gibson Christopher Lee , Peter Cushing , Caroline Munro
1972 The totally crazy funeral That's your funeral John Robins Bill Fraser , Raymond Huntley , Dennis Price
1972 Frankenstein's hell monster Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell Terence Fisher Peter Cushing , Shane Briant , David Prowse
1973 Dracula needs fresh blood The Satanic Rites of Dracula Alan Gibson Christopher Lee , Peter Cushing , Joanna Lumley
1973 A crazy trip on the crazy bus Holiday on the Buses Bryan Izzard Reg Varney , Doris Hare , Michael Robbins
1974 The 7 golden vampires The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires Roy Ward Baker & Chang Cheh Peter Cushing , John Forbes-Robertson , Julie Ege
1974 Captain Kronos - vampire hunter Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter Brian Clemens Horst Janson , Caroline Munro , John Cater
1974 Ti Lung - The deadly shadow of Mr. Shatter Shatter Peter Sykes & Monte Hellman Stuart Whitman , Peter Cushing , Ti Lung
1975 The bride of Satan To the Devil a Daughter Peter Sykes Richard Widmark , Christopher Lee , Nastassja Kinski
1979 Deadly message The Lady Vanishes Anthony Page Elliott Gould , Cybill Shepherd , Angela Lansbury
1980 Freezer shocker Hammer House of Horror div. div.
1984 Attention! High voltage! Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense div. div.
1990 World of Hammer World of Hammer Robert Sidaway Oliver Reed
2008 Beyond the rave Beyond the rave Matthias Hoene Nora-Jane Noone , Jamie Dornan , Tamer Hassan
2008 Wake Wood Wake Wood David Keating Aidan Gillen , Eva Birthistle , Timothy Spall
2009 The resident The resident Antti Jokinen Hilary Swank , Christopher Lee , Jeffrey Dean Morgan
2010 Let me in Let me in Matt Reeves Kodi Smit-McPhee , Chloë Moretz , Richard Jenkins
2011 The woman in Black The Woman In Black James Watkins Daniel Radcliffe , Ciarán Hinds , Janet McTeer
2014 The quiet ones The quiet ones John Pogue Jared Harris , Sam Claflin , Olivia Cooke
2015 The woman in black 2: angel of death The Woman In Black: Angel of Death Tom Harper Phoebe Fox , Jeremy Irvine , Helen McCrory
2019 The Lodge The Lodge Veronika Franz & Severin Fiala Riley Keough , Richard Armitage , Lia McHugh , Jaeden Lieberher , Alicia Silverstone



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