Sex six million years ago

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German title Sex six million years ago
Original title Creatures the World Forgot
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
Publishing year 1971
length 95 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Don Chaffey
script Michael Carreras
production Michael Carreras
music Mario Nascimbene
camera Vincent Cox
cut Chris Barnes

Sex six million years ago is a feature film from the Hammer Film production that was filmed in Namibia and South Africa (outdoor shots) in the summer of 1970 . Directed by Don Chaffey , who had already achieved an overwhelming box-office success five years earlier with a not dissimilar prehistory film, A Million Years Before Our Time .


Somewhere in pre-Christian times, in a primitive culture and in a barren landscape.

After a volcanic eruption, an earthquake occurs that opens a crevasse in which numerous members of the so-called “dark tribe” disappear. The tribal leader is killed and a fight breaks out between two of the survivors for the leadership of the remaining tribesmen. It's Mak and Zen. The former defeats Zen and leads the survivors into a desert to look for a new home for the tribe. There they come across another tribe, consisting of loud blondes like primeval people. In order to achieve a peaceful mood right from the start, their tribal leader presented Mak with a gift: a girl who was to become his wife. The young woman's name is Noo. When Mak offers a girl from his tribe for an exchange in return, she is not exactly thrilled because she already has a husband. In order not to be separated from each other, the lovers try to pile up. However, you do not get far and have to pay with your life for this escape out of love. Meanwhile, Mak's tribe moves on and finally moves into a fertile valley that appears to be an ideal settlement site. Here you can settle down. Noo, who soon became pregnant, gives birth to male twins here. Another child is born on the same day, a dumb girl. The primitive people want to sacrifice what they consider to be the “cursed” baby to the gods, but when they are struck by lightning, the old tribal witch decides to keep the child and raise it as her docile pupil.

Years later. Noo's sons, the dark-haired Rool and the blonde Toomak, have grown into handsome guys. Both are fighting for your father's attention. Rool tries to rape the silent girl. She flees from the libertine, but falls into the hands of another tribe who are plundering through the area. Toomak leads Mak and the other tribesmen into the looters' den. A fierce battle ensues and the leader of the looters is killed by Toomak. The blonde chief's son saves the silent girl and takes the defeated chief's daughter Nala as his wife. Impressed by his assertiveness, Mak decides that Toomak should be his successor as tribal chief. Seriously wounded from the battle, Toomak soon inherits his father's heavy inheritance. But Rool doesn't want to accept Mak's decision and challenges his brother in a duel. Toomak has the upper hand, but, contrary to the tradition of fighting, spares his brother.

The quarrel between the two men also divided the tribe. In order to restore peace, Toomak decides to leave the valley with Nala and about half of the tribesmen. But Rool is poisoned by hatred, he desperately wants to destroy his brother and gain rule over all tribesmen. So Rool secretly follows Toomak's footsteps. Rool and his men are attacked during their chase by another tribe, who prefer to live in the forest. Toomak arrives at the right time and saves Rool. But he is already so consumed with hatred that he now kidnaps Nala. Toomak is now chasing after Rool. On the top of a rock, Rool wants to kill Nala in a ritual way: he has already piled a pyre when Toomak appears at the last second and the two brothers battle it out. Meanwhile, Nala is able to free herself, but is now attacked by a giant python . Toomak comes to Nala to help, while the mute girl, with heavy scratch marks even on her shoulder blade, stabs an image of the villainous Rool, whereupon he dies.

Production notes

Sex six million years ago supposedly premiered in Germany on April 16, 1971. The British premiere took place two days later.

John Stoll designed the film structures that were created at Pinewood Studios .

useful information

The film is considered to be the final work in a small, four-part series of primeval and jungle films that Hammer Films produced between 1965 and 1970. It was preceded by A Million Years Before Our Time, The Slave of the Amazons and When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth . All of the films had one thing in common: the jungle girls, sometimes prehistoric, sometimes “wild”, looked like glamor girls and were preferably extremely scarce; even sometimes naked in Sex six million years ago (like Marcia Fox in a scene). But this strip, designed entirely according to the old “Sex Sells” principle of success, flopped because the quality of these amazing productions deteriorated from film to film.


The criticism hardly left a good hair on the work. Here are a few examples:

The film's great personal lexicon called sex six million years ago a "speculative Stone Age strip"

The Movie & Video Guide found: "Hammer Films gives us another prehistoric film, but without dinosaurs and with little credibility".

Halliwell's Film Guide wrote: “Weak straggler from A Million Years Before Our Time and When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth ; someone forgot to order some monster. "

“Wild West Adventure in the Stone Age. (...) In this film, however, stupidity plays a much bigger role than sex. "

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